have so much to offer this world!
Believe me, it’s time for you to be the person
you know in your heart and soul to be.

Doing so… is the key to your happiness in life.

Hello everyone and welcome!

What if I told you being happy in life is simpler than you think.  
The thing is, you need to quiet your brain to hear what your mind, your inner voice that doesn’t use words, is telling you.  

If you take the time to listen, it reminds you of your beautiful passions in life.
Passions that kindle your goals into motion.  Goals that invite meaningful experiences on your way to realizing your dreams.  The dreams that ignite your happiness in life.    

I created Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats® to help people
make the changes they want to make in life in order to better their lives.  

How do we do this?  My team and I help people develop key qualities of their self-leadership ability.  Why self-leadership?  Because it is key to experiencing personal happiness, fulfilling relationships and achievements in life.  Self-leadership is our ability to consciously influence our thoughts and behaviours in order to accomplish
goals that lead to realizing our dreams in life.

We do this by gaining people’s trust and confidence in adopting our Choice Life Approach™ process.  Our Choice Life Approach™ is a systematic process that engages people to skillfully develop key qualities of their self-leadership ability which
enables them to re-establish a balanced and resilient life structure. 

Our structure encourages people to redefine their boundaries in life based on their personal values – what makes them feel happy in life.  A structure that emotionally, intellectually, physically, and viscerally supports them in rediscovering their inherent potential to better their lives by changing their internal and external behavioural patterns.  In other words, changing the way they think:  choices made based on their attitude/outlook on life; and actions taken based on their habits in life.

The results are that people develop the courage to create meaningful and rewarding experiences that lead to living a fulfilling and happy life.

Learn more about the benefits of self-leadership.  Click on image below.


So, what do you say,

isn’t it time for you to let go
of what no longer serves you – what is outlived in your life (limiting negative thinking, destructive behaviours, and feelings of victimhood that elicit fears such as anxiety, rejection, abandonment, jealousy, resentment, anger, loneliness, etc.)?


isn’t it time for you to welcome 
what is unlived in your life – new experiences that ignite your passions in life.  Simple things and little moments filled with love, joy, romance, compassion, achievements, and adventures that fuel your soul’s purpose and fill your heart with happiness in life?


isn’t time for you to get unstuck
and learn to welcome change as part of evolving as a person in life in order to reach your full potential:  accomplish your goals and realize your dreams in life? 


time for you to make a choice
and let go of your fears and limiting beliefs about yourself?
Are you ready to start making authentic choices to improve your life and change it in the direction you want to go in?  Here’s what we know.  If making the change you want to make in life is important to you, you’ll make it happen.
If it’s not important, you’ll continue to find excuses because we all know that it’s a lot easier to continue to doubt ourselves than to face our fears
and take action.  Problem is the more you focus on doubting yourself, the more the brain mirrors it back to you. 


What you need my friends is what everyone needs…

Courage to change what you want to change in your life. 
It’s having the courage to let go of who you are, to become who you
want and are meant to be in life.  When you choose to develop courage in life, you make a commitment to start believing in yourself. The more you believe in yourself, the more self-confident and courageous you become.

Learn more about our Choice Life Approach™ process.  Click on image below…

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If you have any questions
, connect with usWe’d be happy to provide you with answers.  Want to learn more about us, click here,
more about Christine, click here.

Don’t do it alone.
 Let us help you make the changes you want to make in life
It starts with you investing in yourself.

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