There are three important keys that help us open doors and 

welcome happiness in life.


Welcome to the 3 Keys to Happiness P

I believe that honouring the following three stages of this program will have you live from your heart and soul: with purpose and passion in life. Living from this perspective, and with your full commitment to your happiness, will have you realize your dreams and achieve your goals in life. In this program, you discover how to listen and trust your own voice, your intuition. You learn to welcome changes as necessary experiences to grow as a person. You understand how important it is to make authentic choices that coincide with your soul’s purpose. In order for you to experience a healthy balance in life, you learn to reacquaint yourself with the magnificent gifts and tools that reside within you. You find the courage and develop confidence to achieve anything you want in life by aligning your doing with your thinking, being and feeling. All it takes is commitment and consistent actions.


It doesn’t matter what your goal is… believe you can and you will. You see it’s not about willpower – that only gets you going for a very short while. Life is about making appropriate choices for yourself, and welcoming changes and  in your behavioural and habitual patterns (habits). Don’t let the fear of having to change certain behaviours or habits hold you back… simply remember that you’ve been changing since the day you were born!

This day program will create a time away from time for you to reconnect with who you are, what is unlived – new experiences that you want to bring into your life, and what is outlived – that which you need to let go of in life, what you need to forgive. From this space, you learn to welcome happiness for yourself. You learn how important it is to live from your purpose, to share your special gift in life with others. Join me and with your commitment, see what such a small investment of time will do for you.


  • Pause and simply notice your self-talk.
  • Remember that change has always been part of your life story.
  • Start each day with your daily practice.  Simply state your intentions – write them down if you so wish. Start with gratitude for all you have. Continue with setting your daily goals.  Finish with visualizing your dreams. 



  • Make a conscious decision to ensure that your goals coincide with the emotions you want to welcome in your life, as well as with your values, beliefs, needs, interests, your lifestyle by following through with an end-result goal setting exercise.
  • Create a structure in your life that allows setting small achievable steps to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. Do so by working with your results from the End-result Goal-setting exercise.
  • Stay focus throughout the day by not letting your emotions take over what needs to be done. When you feel like your defences are down, stop and let your mind meander back to why you made this decision in the first place. Remember to stay connected to your story – your life. Most importantly, have fun with the process and stay on your game! 



  • Let go of what no longer serves you by making purposeful choices, and forgiving yourself and others for being imperfect perfection. 
  • Live wholeheartedly by embracing the cycles and rhythms of life and by staying authentic to your life story, your special gift – your purpose.
  • Nourish your soul by practising the S.O.U.L. process. Take positive actions from the deepest place in your heart as it is key to your journey of living a life of authentic joy, happiness.


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