Welcome clarity, choice, commitment and change in your life by

aligning your doing with your thinking, being and feeling.

Where do you start?   With our Choice Life Approach… 


In order to live a life filled with authentic happiness, balance must be achieved between the following four dimensions in life: 

  • mind (awareness)
  • soul (purpose & passions)
  • brain (intricate system that keeps us alive)
  • body (physical structure)

Our Choice Life Approach strategy is based on honouring the cycles and rhythms of our thoughts, emotions, needs and energy levels. Follow the 3 steps indicated below.  More details are provided following the strategy image below.


STEP #1:  Gaining clarity (getting clear on who you are and what you want to do in life)

It starts with you giving yourself permission for just being and feeling – in other words, connecting with your mind and your soul.  This is where you create a time for stillness, for peacefulness. It’s where you notice your thoughts but do not get caught in them. It’s where you check in with yourself and see if you are being authentic with yourself and others.  It’s where you recognize that you always have a choice on how you perceive life’s situations, circumstances, obstacles and challenges. It’s where you let go of what no longer serves you in life – what is outlived in your life. It’s where you forgive and release guilt. It’s where you welcome and embrace changes as part of the cycles and rhythms of life.  It’s where you let in new experiences – what is unlived in your life so you continue to grow as a person. Since your soul speaks through your feelings, your emotions, this is where you check in with yourself and see if you are on the right path to living your purpose in life, and if you are enjoying your journey. This is where you allow love, creativity, compassion, motivation, and engagement to come into your life.  This is where you dream and imagine.

STEP #2: Choices
(making decisions in life that are authentic with who you are)

It starts with you developing the courage and confidence in your ability to decide what is right for you in life – in other words, connecting with your 3-brain system (cerebral cortex/neocortex, emotional brain/lymbic system, and reptilian brain). This is where you allow your mind’s thoughts and soul’s passions to materialize by creating healthy mental patterns, behaviours that will support your life story. This is where you set resilient and healthy boundaries that will support your passions and purpose in life, and ultimately welcome your well-being by allowing love, joy and trust in your life. This is where you think, learn and plan.


STEP #3: Commitment (making a commitment to yourself to move forward through life and create your life story)

It’s starts with you committing to your self-development to move forward on your journey through life – in other words, connecting with your physical body through actions. This is where you share your own special gift with others to the best of your capabilities. This is where your 3-brain system executes the commands received from your mind and soul in order to build our life story. This is where your body executes the commands from your 3-brain system. This is where you take physical actions towards establishing your healthy physical patterns and setting your resilient boundaries that will enable you to meet your goals, realize your dreams and passions, and ultimately live your purpose in life. This is where you do, physically create, and achieve.

Our Choice Life Approach strategy recognizes the importance in nourishing the following two key facets of a human being ultimately creates balance and authentic happiness in life. It has you living from your heart and soul: purposefully and passionately.

Intrinsic facet:  mind and soul (calmness and self-development)

Extrinsic facet:  brain and body (good nutrition, learning, and physical activity)

When a balance exists between these two facets, we welcome and accept life changes, are able to make authentic choices, and know how to navigate through obstacles and challenges.  These are all very important to our development and growth as a person as it enables us to live from our purpose and passions in life.


Learn more about the intrinsic and extrinsic facets and needs.  


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