Tell me, what do you plan to do with your
one wild and precious life?
– Mary Oliver



to inspire you to develop key qualities of your self-leadership ability so that you may create meaningful and rewarding experiences in life which eventually becomes a life filled with happiness.  How do I plan to help you achieve this?  By helping you make the changes you want to make in life.  Changes that will have you accomplish your goals on your way to realizing your dreams.  Changes that you can only make when you agree to practice to further develop your ability to consciously influence your own thoughts and behaviours – your self-leadership ability.

My approach has always been the same with professional or personal leadership.  It’s starts with sharpening life tools we all have in our own personal toolbox.  Have a look at some of the life tools we help individuals develop.  Remember life is about balance and sometimes, all we really need is a little tune-up to one, get unstuck in life, and two, get started on creating forward momentum towards accomplishing our goals and realizing our dreams.


So, are you ready to l-e-a-d your life with complete sincerity and commitment – in other words, wholeheartedly?  Sincerity because you should know that living your best life is living from your authenticity and integrity – from your heart and soul.  Commitment because this is how you learn to appreciate each step along your journey as successes on their own. 

I sincerely hope our Choice Life Approach™ process and S.O.U.L. practice™ inspires you to imagine the endless possibilities available to you to live a happy life.  I hope our process and practice along with our tools, techniques offered through our events, speaking engagements and booklets help you develop the courage to welcome change as a necessary occurrence in your life to evolve as a person.  I believe that if you do, you learn to perceive obstacles in life as opportunities.  Ultimately, you become the person you know in your heart and soul to be.

Most important thing to remember is that we are all meant to be learners in life, and not to let our fears and self-doubt get in the way of creating our happiness.  Take a look at how we can help you achieve this by clicking on images below.

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I absolutely enjoy inspiring people in any way I can.  I’ve collected inspiring quotes throughout

my life… as if you haven’t noticed these planted all over my website.

Since I think of my website as a garden filled with different kinds of inspirational tools and events to help people accomplish their goals and realize their dreams in life, quotes to me are beautiful thoughts that we can plant in our minds and watch them flourish as they trigger a ripple effect on our attitude throughout the day.  Kind of like seeing wild beautiful flowers flourish in Mother Nature’s garden.  Quotes that have helped me turn negative thinking into positive thinking, and have gotten me to make different choices in life that I wouldn’t have made or actions I wouldn’t have taken at difficult or challenging moments.  They remind me of the power that resides within me, within all of us, speaking through our inner voice that knows us best and guides us to create our own life story based on our purpose and passions in life.

So if your heart needs a little lift, I invite you to view my Coach’s Quotes Corner where you’ll find quotes about life, change, love, friendships, fears, bravery, etc., and if you have one that you would like me to add to our CQC, send it on!  I also hope you enjoy the photos of Mother Nature my husband and I have taken while travelling! 

      Let us help you make the changes you want to make in your life.

It starts with you investing in yourself.



Get inspired!
Don’t wait until tomorrow, start today.  You deserve it.

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