Believe in your dreams and they may come true.

Believe in yourself and they will.



Here’s a suggested simple daily practice you can adopt:



Schedule time to quiet your mind & let go of what no longer serves you in life.

  • Stop, sit quietly and simply notice the chatter that is going on inside your mind for a few minutes. Just let your mind meander.
  • Next, think of something you wish to bring into your life with all of your heart, something that makes you feel happy – authentically happy. Feel the emotions that this thought brings up for you in the present moment. If you like, write these down to anchor them as part of gaining clarity.
  • Follow by asking yourself, what is stopping you from attaining what it is you wish. Perhaps at this stage, beliefs you’ve adopted or created on your own, will take over and try to discourage you by bringing up fears and obstacles that could get in your way. Again, simply notice the inner chatter, be aware of the thoughts rather than being in them. Know that your thoughts, your beliefs are simply trying to protect you based on behavioural and habitual patterns it learned from your past experiences.
  • Forgive it.  Should resentment, rejection and regrets come up from past experiences, just forgive what happened for whatever reason or forgive whomever for whatever reason because as you let go of what no longer serves – what is outlived in your life, you’re making space for more life experiences, more of what is unlived in your life. You’re making space for ‘growth’ in your life. As life itself is about flow, cycles and rhythms – so are you.  You are not meant to be stagnant, you are meant to continuously evolve through life experiences and changes. So forgive yourself and others for being human. Think about how fortunate you are to have all that you have, the abundance of it all.
  • Finish by thinking about how you will inspire your soul today, how you’ll awaken your passions today – things you love to do in life. Focus on one single action you can take today that will bring you happiness, a feeling of accomplishment towards realizing your goals and dreams in life. See it your mind and think of what your day is going to look like knowing you’ll accomplish a task that will bring you closer to creating your kind of happiness in life.  If you need a little help getting started with this daily practice, our call-a-coach service is perfect to get you started and affordable.  Check it out!



Make a commitment to your well being by choosing to create new healthy behaviours and habits that will serve you better in life. Recognize your behavioural triggers. When creating a new behaviour, respect that the reward is in repeating the new behaviour until it becomes a habit, a new pattern that will support your dreams and goals in life. Commit to living your life with happiness, authenticity by creating healthy and resilient boundaries for yourself.


  • Eat well balanced healthy meals and drink water throughout the day.
  • Do some exercises during the day (i.e. go for a walk/cycle/run in nature, workout with yoga, water aerobics, weight training, etc.  – of course, always check with your physician first).
  • Spend some time in the great outdoors.
  • Read or listen to something inspirational; turn off energy suckers, vampires such as TV or radio negative news, violent TV series and films.
  • Invest in yourself, invest in your passions – your purpose in life (read, take a course, listen to music, take up a new sport, play, travel, etc). 
  • Give generously of yourself in time, helping others, volunteering, calling or visiting someone in need, etc. while respecting your needs and boundaries as well as those of others.




Move forward in life, do not remain stagnant because of fears or adopted beliefs that limit your growth in life.  


  • Before going to bed ask yourself:  Knowing how today unfolded, was I authentic to myself and others in my thoughts and actions? Was my focus in the present or was I stuck in thoughts and experiences of the past or the future?  
  • If you weren’t present, what belief(s) or behaviour(s) must you change in order to become present in the moment?  
  • What fear or illusion of fear is keeping you back from welcoming and accepting change in your life, from building the life of your choice, from creating a balance in all areas of your life – a life that clearly welcomes the goals you aim to achieve and the dreams you wish to realize for yourself? 


Remember that welcoming change and consistency is key to your success of finding happiness in life! 

Let us help you achieve this for yourself. Our call-a-coach service is perfect to get you started. Check it out! 


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