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in order to better their lives. 

We help people skillfully develop key qualities of their self-leadership ability.  Why self-leadership?  Because it is key to experiencing personal happiness, fulfilling relationships and achievements in life. 

Self-leadership is an ability we are all born with.  It is instinctive – an innate potential we all have to consciously influence our thoughts and behaviours in order to accomplish goals that lead to realizing our dreams in life.  Depending on our upbringing, environment and education, some of us are proficient at using our ability while some of us need assistance in developing it.  No need to worry if self-leadership doesn’t feel or come naturally to you.  It just means you need to sharpen certain ‘tools’ in your own personal ‘toolbox’.  In other words, you have the capability to improve certain ‘people skills’ such as key self-leadership qualities by practicing whenever and wherever you can.  In essence, this is what life is about – not letting what you cannot do at the present moment interfere with what you can learn to do by simply practicing.  Psst… this is how people become skillful and successful at using their ability to accomplish their goals and actualize their dreams in life.  

We do this by gaining people’s trust and confidence in adopting our Choice Life Approach™ process.   Our Choice Life Approach™ is a systematic process that engages people to skillfully develop key qualities of their self-leadership ability which enables them to re-establish a balanced and resilient life structure.  Our structure encourages people to redefine their boundaries in life based on their personal values – what makes them feel happy in life.  A structure that emotionally, intellectually, physically, and viscerally supports them in rediscovering their inherent potential to better their lives by changing their internal and external behavioural patterns.  In other words, changing the way they think:  choices made based on their attitude/outlook on life; and actions taken based on their habits in life.  The results are that people develop the courage to create meaningful and rewarding experiences that lead to living fulfilling and happy lives.

Here are the benefits of self-leadership:

Developing your self-leadership ability in life initiates a sense of agency that motivates forward momentum to help you create meaningful and rewarding experiences that are based on your own values in life.  This is your ability that has you consciously influence your thoughts and your behaviours.  This is your ability that helps you accomplish goals in life.  This is your ability that helps you realize dreams in life.

If you believe that you deserve to be happy in life and that it’s time for you to change certain behaviours that hold you back from creating new experiences and exploring new possibilities in life, why not give our Choice Life Approach™ process a try.  I realize that trying to make any change in life is in itself difficult and threatening.  But you see, if I was able to do it, so can you.

Your self-leadership ability:

→  gives you the freedom to decide the way you perceive, and want to experience life;

encourages you to make positive choices that are aligned with your own values in life;
→  welcomes changes in life as opportunities to evolve instead of obstacles that hold you back;

→  helps dissolve old patterns of repression – negative thinking, destructive behaviours, limited beliefs, feelings of victimhood that elicit fears as anxiety, rejection, abandonment, jealousy, resentment, anger, loneliness, etc.;
→  and, encourages self-expression

Skillfully developing key qualities of your self-leadership ability such as self-esteem, self-respect, self-reliance/trust, self-confidence, self-motivation and self-determination is essential to living a fulfilling and happy life.  Once you achieve your level of comfort within these key qualities, you let go of being who you were and become who you are meant to be. 

You change the way you think of yourself and your outlook on life.  You learn to make authentic choices that are aligned with your values – what makes you feel happy in life.  Once you change your thoughts, you start changing the way you do things.  With practice, your actions turn into healthy behaviours that become healthy habits.  Changing certain behaviours can turn into key habits – self-discipline (willpower), that become ingrained in your life structure.  What’s awesome about key habits is that they have a tendency to create a ripple effect on several other choices you make and actions you take in life. 

Key self-leadership qualities: 

is how you feel about yourself, it’s having an overall positive healthy attitude, opinion about your self-worth and life in general.

is trusting your own personal judgement to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams – what you plan to achieve in life.

 is your trust in your abilities and efforts as a person to be able to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams for yourself in life.

 is a feeling of pride for what you achieve in life because you act with honour and dignity towards yourself and others in life.

is your ability and enthusiasm to do what needs to get done without any influence from others, even when challenged.

is your ability to make decisions based on your own choices and interests in life, and being able to be follow through with setting goals for yourself and achieving them.

What tools do you need to sharpen in your life in order to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams?  Find out how our Choice Life Approach™ can help you develop your self-leadership ability in order to help you actualize these!

For example you can choose to tell your emotional brain not to feel fearful, insecure, doubtful, or anxious by telling it it’s more than okay to feel vulnerable.  Everyone does at different times in life.  The feelings of vulnerability or victimhood that elicit fears are simply emotional and physical responses within you letting you know you’re not responding with your usual behaviour – you’re placing yourself outside of your usual boundaries of feeling safe and secure.  You’re transitioning from being who you were to becoming who you want to be.  You’re transitioning from feeling how you felt, to feeling the way you want to feel.  You’re simply changing a pattern in your emotional brain that no longer serves you. 

Don’t let this make you feel uncomfortable or scare you.  Go with it… be present in the moment and choose to focus on the end-result of your situation – achieving your level of comfort.  Choose to focus your thoughts on feelings of recognition such as courage, pride, respect, joy, love, forgiveness, compassion, gratefulness, etc.  Proceeding this way lets your emotional brain know that you are in control of your thoughts.  This is what you can experience and achieve by skillfully developing key qualities of your self-leadership ability – your ability to consciously influence your thoughts and behaviours.

Here’s what we know:

The power behind your self-leadership ability is your courage – the willingness for you to lead your life.  
Courage to change what you want to change in your life is having the courage to let go of who you are to become who you want and are meant to be in life.  When you choose to develop courage in life, you make a commitment to start believing in yourself. The more you believe in yourself, the more self-confident and courageous you become.  You start projecting an image of yourself to others that says: “I am worthy of creating experiences that bring me joy in life.  I am not afraid of relationships or friendships because I trust that I can make well-informed decisions.  I know that I have a lot of happiness to share with someone.  I’m motivated to makes changes in my life that will inspire me to become who I’ve always known myself to be.” 

This you must practice on a daily basis in order to better your life – accomplish your goals on the way to realize your dreams.  The rewards you get from experiencing your life the way you want and choose to live it… there’s nothing like it!  You sincerely experience what it is to be passionate, motivated, inspired and excited about creating your dreams.  We all have dreams – a visceral sense of purpose.  I know this is not news to any of you reading this but in order for your purpose to be actualized, it needs you to take the lead through your thoughts.  In other words, the way you feel about yourself, the choices you make in life and the actions you take in life.

Yup, this means you’re going to have to be kind, patient and compassionate with yourself as you focus on being a learner in life than a judger.  Tap into your childhood memories… how you learned one thing at a time – one word at a time and took one step at a time.  If you want to live the life of your dreams, you’ll need to play the lead character in the story of your life my friend.  You’ll need to be the main influencer for realizing each of your dreams.  Why do I say ‘lead’ character and ‘main’ influencer?  Simply because as you start moving towards your goals, the people and other related resources that are required to help you realize your dreams, will be placed on your path.  Trust me, they will. 

Need a little help staying focused on accomplishing your goals, realizing your dreams?  Ask yourself the following questions will get you going on the right path:

Knowing the kind of life I presently have, what would I like instead?

→ Knowing how I feel at this very moment, what would I like to feel instead? 

→ What would I like to change in my life?  

→ What do I need to let go of in my life?  

→ What do I want to welcome in my life – bring into my life?

Remember, asking for help is a strength not a weakness…

Our guidance is required to first define what ‘being happy’ means to you. In other words, what you really aspire to achieve in order to live a fulfilling and happy life.  As human beings, we sometimes confuse goals along the process with realizing our actual aspirations/dreams in life which ultimately is to be happy. 

The following is a glossary referencing words appearing within our work and tools on the pages of this website.  It is provided for ease of reference and to facilitate your reading. 

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