Don’t want to burden a friend?  Call-a-coach!Help and support signpost


Talking to your best friend is sometimes all you need… but does it really get you making the right choices and taking necessary actions to solve your situation or reach your goals in life?   I didn’t think so.  

Talking to a coach does!  It’s what you need to make the right decisions for yourself, and for those you love and respect.  It’s what you need to reach your full potential, reach your goals, and yes, realize your dreams. 

In total confidentiality, discuss your problem, your situation with someone who is an excellent listener, trustworthy, authentic, respects your values and beliefs, not judgmental, offers genuine and thoughtful suggestions as support to help you make the right choices and decisions in life.  

$15 for a 30 minute telephone coaching session 

Please reserve your space at 613-739-0009.


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If I’m in a coaching session or on workshop/webinar, please leave your number and I will call you back.  

If you need to speak with me urgently, leave a message and I will call you back within 24 hours provided I am not on travel status.