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Our S.O.U.L. Practice

The S.O.U.L Practice™ paves the way for living a fulfilling and happy life in alignment with your purpose, your raison d’être as a person.  At Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats™, our S.O.U.L Practice™ was created to inspire people to take ownership of their individual situations in life.  It simply acts as support, reminding individuals of their ability to consciously influence their thoughts and behaviours, and the necessity to engage in the process of change and making authentic choices in life in order to create a meaningful and rewarding experiences that lead to a happy life. No matter if it’s about achieving personal or professional goals, realizing dreams or learning to cope with challenges and obstacles in life, our process was created to empower people to lead from their individuality and authenticity

Throughout life, some experiences present themselves as challenges and obstacles. These can overshadow your good intentions in life.  Following the S.O.U.L. Practice™ gives you an overview of how important it is to make choices that are based on your values, and to welcome change as a constant in your life. You gain clarity into what makes you the person that you are, and how you contribute and are responsible for your own happiness in life. The S.O.U.L. Practice™ helps you dissolve old patterns of repression and encourages self-expression. This life-long practice will help develop your confidence, and give you courage to consistently take action towards building your life story by taking simple and achievable daily steps.

S.O.U.L. Practice™ means to:

♦  Simply sit in silence and notice your thoughts as you wake up;
♦  O
pen your mind by imagining endless possibilities for yourself in life;
♦  U
nderstand the difference between the thoughts you have on a daily basis coming from either your mind or those coming from your physical brain; and,
♦  L
ead your life with authenticity by nurturing, expressing, and listening to your individuality.  Trust that you have all the necessary life tools to live a happy life.

By following our simple S.O.U.L Practice™, you realize how important it is to self-lead your life in order to actualize your aspirations, achieve your goals and realize your dreams. Since self-leadership creates a sense of agency, you feel encouraged to make choices that motivate forward momentum towards creating fulfilling experiences that lead to creating a meaningful and rewarding life for yourself.  Sincerely, you have all the necessary life tools to create this for yourself… you just need to sharpen them.  Practice will get you there my friends!

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Let us help you make the changes you want to make in life. 

It starts with you investing in yourself.

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