©Choice Life Approach™

starts with you
in your ‘self’.


Our approach inspires you to believe in the power
all of your thoughts.

Why?  Because the source of everything in life… creating meaningful relationships, moments and experiences, rewarding careers,  actualizing your goals, realizing your dreams, living a fulfilling and happy life, all originate from your thoughts — energy you cannot witness and yet can perceive its existence through the thousands of thoughts you have daily.  What you need to do is become an observer of your thoughts and then, choose which thoughts you want to expand upon.  In other words, which energy that you cannot witness (think of your goals and dreams in life) you would like to bring forth into tangible, material energy. 

Choose to expand thoughts that make you feel powerful, energetic and support you to establish the freedom you need to create the happiness you want in life.  Choose to abolish — let go of thoughts that make you feel powerless, lethargic and hold you back from reaching your goals and realizing your dreams.  Fear-based thoughts such as insecurities, anxiety and self-doubt as these are occupying important space within you just waiting to be vacated in order to be filled with what you need to feel and be happy through life.

A simple three-step approach to being you…

Our ©Choice Life Approach™ encourages forward momentum by guiding you through a simple three-step systematic process that inspires you to make the changes you want to make in life in order to better your life, and those of others.  It really does help you change your daily outlook as well as the outcome of your life.  Check it out… worth a try, don’t you think?

Step 1.
Choosing to nurture three key facets of your self-care ability.

Our Choice Life Approach emboldens you to be the person you know in your heart and soul to be by supporting you to align your daily choices with principles you live by → your values.  It teaches you life-changing skills that inspire you to build the courage and confidence needed to create your happiness by nurturing three key facets of your self-care ability → your self-love, self-worth and self-reliance.  

Step 2.

Building the courage needed to develop six key qualities of your self-leadership ability.  
Our approach empowers you to develop the power behind your self-care ability → your self-leadership ability.  This is your ability to consciously influence your thoughts, choices, behaviours and actions.  Our approach focuses on helping you build the courage and confidence needed to develop six key self-leadership qualities:  your self-esteem, self-respect, self-trust, self-worth, self-motivation and self-determination, as these will help you create healthy, efficient and resilient boundaries to safeguard what makes you feel and be happy in life.

Step 3.

Committing to establish the freedom needed to create a resilient life structure based on your individuality.  Our approach inspires you to build the courage needed to welcome change in the patterns of your thoughts, choices, behaviours and actions.  It teaches you how to develop the confidence needed to live passionately, purposefully, and joyfully by being authentic in the choices you make, and consistent in the actions you take.   

Ready to learn more about the interdependency between these two amazing abilities that you already possess?   More importantly, ready to get started on living the life YOU choose to live?  Okay… let’s get you started!


Two amazing abilities that influence your daily thoughts… 

Learn more about how two abilities can help you choose the right thoughts to expand in order to create the happiness you want to experience in life.   




Here’s how we can help you make these changes in life…

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