Our Choice Life Approach™…
is meant to be a ‘friendly voice’, that walks along side people to inspire them to reconnect with what brings
them their kind of happiness in life.

It’s not meant to lead or create their lives for them. Nor is it meant to be a life-long crutch.
It was created to share knowledge and demonstrate the importance of their individuality and authenticity in creating their happiness in life.
So learn, experience and go express your very own creativity…
your purpose, passions and amazing gifts.


The Choice Life Approach™ starts with a model and a strategy (a structure and plan of action to follow), and our modus operandi – our S.O.U.L. Process™ (suggested guidelines including self-motivational coaching techniques and tools). 

The Choice Life Approach™ has one purpose and it is to change one very important behaviour:  teach us to think from our mind (a.k.a. heart) and not our three-brain system. To do so, enables us to be aware of our consciousness – our inner reality. Being aware that thoughts that come from our inner reality are simply our soul showing us how to fulfill its purpose of creating happiness for our ‘self’.  Since creating and finding happiness seems to be a universal desire, realizing that our inner reality creates our outer reality is the elixir of happiness. Being aware that our positive or negative thoughts create our material world, become the things and events of our lives, it is important for us to intend our thoughts to align with our needs, wants and dreams in life. Believe me, we are worthy to receive as much happiness as we intend in this world.

The  Choice Life Approach™ has three objectives.  They are:


Objective #1: Awareness – to increase awareness about the benefits of using self-motivational coaching tools to align our choices and actions with our values in order to create our kind of happiness in life.  
→Share as much knowledge about how we all have the necessary life tools within us to rediscover our happy place in life – in other words, expressing our soul’s purpose – our dreams and our goals through our passions. 

Objective #2: Values & Beliefs – to distinguish the difference between our values and our beliefs, and their impact on our daily lives.   
→Share as much knowledge about how important it is to understand the authenticity behind the principles we live by – our values, and the beliefs we create or adopt from others. Share how our values come from the essence of who we are (expressing our inner awareness through our feelings) as opposed to beliefs which are perceptions from our ‘self’  (expressing emotions created by our three-brain system).  Explore how beliefs can be empowering or limiting, divisive and judgemental, and how these impact the choices and decisions we make each day of our lives.

Objective #3: Behaviours & Actions – to demonstrate how these affect the outcome of our lives.
→Share as much knowledge about how important it is to see behaviours as tools to create our happiness in life. Share how chunking down actions we take on a daily basis into simple, manageable and doable steps keeps us engaged and motivated in creating our kind of happiness in life.

To help you understand how the Choice Life Approach™ can help you create your kind of happiness in life, I created the following model to show how it works with the different facets of what I believe makes a human being a person. In other words, how life itself cycles through us as a person. The four facets 

→our mind (inner knowing, awareness – what we feel within)
→our soul (purpose & passions, who you are and what you love to do in life)
→our 3-brain system (intricate system that records knowledge, emotions, and patterns)
→our body (physical structure which also records information through our senses – eyes, ears, nose, taste and touch)

Now what is fascinating is that these four facets evolve within two dimensions in a person. A physical dimension (outer reality) and an inner knowing/awareness dimension (inner reality). The inner knowing dimension (inner reality) communicates your soul’s purpose and passions (dreams, goals, etc.) which is pure energy through our heart to our physical body to be materialized. Since life is about creating happiness for ourselves, our job is to learn to live within balance of both dimensions. Each dimension comprises two facets which are: 
→our inner reality: inner knowing, awareness (soul & mind)
→our outer reality: 3-brain system (cerebral/neo cortex, limbic system/emotional brain, and our reticular/reptilian brain), and our physical body.

I know what you’re thinking… what does the above information have to do with living a happy life. Well, because we are always evolving, changing within us – so is everyone and everything around us. Changes outside of us can influence our life if we choose to let it.  It can complement or conflict our life depending on how balanced we are within our two dimensions. With our Choice Life Approach™, you learn to set resilient boundaries based on your values which in turn helps you make authentic choices and create healthy behaviours that help you cope with challenges or obstacles in your life. 

Of course I have a model to explain this! This model shows how we ‘our life story’ travels through ‘other people’s stories’ as well as events in life which could influence ours.

Our S.O.U.L.™ Process complements our approach by demonstrating how we benefit from making authentic choices that are aligned with our values. It engages and guides us on how to create our kind of happiness in life by simply modifying or creating new behaviours in support of our choices. The results are that we learn how to make informed decisions, how to let go of what no longer serves us in life, how to stop judging ourselves and others and become life long learners instead. We learn how to build resilient and healthy boundaries, handle challenges and overcome obstacles in life. Ultimately, we learn an approach that helps us welcome new experiences through change so we may achieve our goals and realize our dreams – our purpose and passions in life.


Get inspired!
Don’t wait until tomorrow, start right now!

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