Our Choice Life Approach is meant to inspire and guide people to live a fulfilling and happy life. It’s like a ‘friendly voice’ that walks along side people to motivate them to welcome change as a means of bringing happiness into their life. It was created to share knowledge and demonstrate the importance of people’s individuality and authenticity in achieving their goals and realizing their dreams in life. 

The Choice Life Approach™ starts with a model and a strategy (a structure and plan of action to follow), and our modus operandi – our S.O.U.L. Practice™ (suggested guidelines which can be used on its own but more effective with self-leadership coaching techniques and tools).

The structure of our model and strategy speaks to how I understand human behaviours and their quest to find happiness in life. I simply believe that in order for people to live a fulfilling and happy life, we need to connect with what brings us happiness in life – doing the things we are passionate about in life. Our Choice Life Approach™ strategy and self-leadership coaching tools and techniques inspire and guide people by first helping them to define what brings them happiness in life; second, developing the confidence and skills to welcome it in their life; and third, to find the courage to take full ownership of their uniqueness by expressing it through their passions and dreams throughout their life story. This approach is basically about aligning your external awareness (3-brain system and physical body) with your internal awareness (mind and soul – your purpose and passions) in life. Aligning what you think and do with what you feel in order to just be who you are.   

The Three Key Components of the Choice Life Approach™ are:


KEY #1: Awareness – to increase awareness about the benefits of using self-leadership coaching tools
→Share as much knowledge about how we all have the necessary life tools within us to define what brings us happiness in life. Commit to reconnect to our happiness on a daily basis by expressing our passions, achieving our goals and realizing our dreams in order to create a fulfilling and happy life. 

KEY #2: Values & Beliefs – to distinguish the difference between our values and our beliefs, and their impact on our daily lives. 
→Share as much knowledge about how important it is to understand the authenticity behind the principles we live by – our values, and the beliefs we create or adopt from others. Share how our values come from our inner awareness – our feelings as opposed to beliefs which are external perceptions that are adopted and recorded as information and emotions by our three-brain system. Explore how beliefs can be empowering or limiting, divisive and judgemental, and how these impact the choices and decisions we make each day of our lives. Consider the necessity to establish resilient boundaries based on our values. 

KEY #3: Behaviours & Actions – to demonstrate how these affect the outcome of our lives and the necessity to welcome change as an opportunity and not as an obstacle in life.
→Share as much knowledge about how important it is to see behaviours as tools to create our happiness in life. Share how chunking down actions we take on a daily basis into simple, manageable and doable steps keeps us engaged and motivated in creating a fulfilling and happy life.


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