Hello, I’m Christine!

My life’s purpose is about helping you become the person
you know in your heart and soul to be. 

I’m all about balance in life! Let me tell you, it’s not always easy but most important to our growth as a person. I am so passionate about my work that at times I can easily get lost in it. Past experiences have taught me to get in touch with all of what makes me a person – my 3-brain system, my physical body, my heart (which I like to refer to as my soul’s mind) and my soul.


I’m a huge nature lover. (Made a little collage of photos that inspire me – hope it does you as well!) Get me out there and I’m happy, rrrrrrreally happy just being out in nature. Mixed in with my love of nature is my spontaneity to take off on adventures… big or small! As much as I am spontaneous – beautiful gift that was passed on from my mother (thank you Mom, xo), I’m a planner in my work. 

Problem is, how do you balance planning with spontaneity. Let me tell you it isn’t easy! Each one of them appears where they shouldn’t at times… what can I say, c’est la vie! Let me explain. I end up not being spontaneous enough with business ventures, and way too much planning goes into trips thereby creating a lot of work for myself and my husband. Since I learned to welcome change into my life as a necessity to evolving as a person, I learned to let go of what no longer serves me. I learned to manage the intensity required of my skills during my work and my play times. This enables me to manage my time and focus my energy on what brings me happiness in life – the people who enrich my life and the things required to materialize my dreams and reach my goals. Most importantly, I learned to simply enjoy being. Having experienced this, I enjoy helping people achieve the same!

Here’s a little tapestry of photos that pretty much describes who I am, who my husband is, our love for our fur girl who passed away and our love for Mother Nature. Of course, as you view my website, my tools, my writing, you’ll get to know more about my passion to help people… and yes, my planning side!   to Top  

Now as much as all of the above is close to my heart, all of this is felt at a deeper level in my soul because of travelling through life with my soul mate, my very best friend, my husband Peter. Peter makes the simplest moments special and turns the special moments into peaceful elegance. Yup, he loves nature and travelling as much as I do!  to Top  

Peter and I were very fortunate to be blessed with a fur girl, a beautiful soul who chose us as her ‘parents’. Champie passed away in July 2015. She was at our side everywhere we went accept for oversea travels where she visited her ‘grandparents’ or a loving couple who we are so fortunate to call friends. Champie made us a family and we will be forever grateful for her unconditional love. She made all of our walks and hikes extra special, our swims and canoeing at the cottage extra fun because of her love of adventures – yes, her too! I so enjoyed sitting on the dock, watching the sun rise as Champie would go for her first swim of the day. Life… just being. I know you animal and nature lovers out there understand what I’m talking about. Champie lives in our hearts forever as she sure has left her paw prints all over our life paths and especially in our hearts.  to Top  

Here’s a few pics of some of our travels throughout this wonderful world that I find inspirational. Gaia’s natural elegance – Mother Nature’s amazing beauty. Enjoy!   to Top  


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Get inspired!
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