Creating the life changes you want to make.

Courage is your ability to do something though it frightens you.  Courage to change what you want to change in your life is having the courage to let go of who you are to become who you want and are meant to be in life.

When you choose to develop courage in life, you make a commitment to start believing in yourself. The more you believe in yourself, the more self-confident and courageous you become.  You start projecting an image of yourself to others that says: “I am worthy of creating experiences that bring me joy in life.  I am not afraid of relationships or friendships because I trust that I can make well-informed decisions.  I know that I have a lot of happiness to share with someone.  I’m motivated to make changes in my life that will inspire me to become who I’ve always known myself to be.” 

This you must practice on a daily basis in order to better your life – accomplish your goals on the way to realize your dreams.  There is no magic!  But the feelings, the rewards you get from experiencing your life the way you want and choose to live it… there’s nothing like it!  You sincerely experience what it is to be passionate, motivated, inspired and excited about creating your dreams.  We all have dreams – a visceral sense of purpose.  I know this is not news to any of you reading this but in order for your purpose to be actualized, it needs you to take the lead through your thoughts.  In other words, the way you feel about yourself, the choices you make in life and the actions you take in life.

Yup, this means you’re going to have to be kind, patient and compassionate with yourself as you focus on trusting yourself and by being a learner in life rather than a judger.  Tap into your childhood memories… how you learned one thing at a time, one word at a time, and one step at a time.  If you want to live the life of your dreams, you’ll need to play the lead character in the story of your life my friend.  You’ll need to be the main influencer for realizing each of your dreams.  Why do I say ‘lead’ character and ‘main’ influencer?  Simply because as you start moving towards your goals, the people and other related resources that are required to help you realize your dreams, will be placed on your path.  Trust me, they will.

The power behind your courage is your self-leadership ability  


Terrified of failing?  You’re not alone.  If you believe that the risk of failing, facing fears and insecurities is too much for you to handle, I’m here to tell you that this is called owning your life.  Being responsible for living your life.  I don’t mean to be harsh, I simply know that if I was able to do this, so can you.  Trust me you can.  Better yet, trust yourself – your inner strength that has brought you here to my website today.  If facing your fears, insecurities and vulnerabilities on your own is too difficult, ask for help – mine or someone else’s.  That’s what human beings are suppose to do – help each other achieve our goals and realize our dreams in life so that we can share the best version of ourselves with others.

Facing our fears,

acknowledging our 

insecurities, our

vulnerabilities have us

move forward in life.



You know you’ve got this, trust in your ability to accomplish anything your mind sets your brain to do!  We all deserve a life filled with happiness – a life that is meaningful and rewarding.  A life that gives and that is not afraid to receive.  Don’t judge future experiences from your past experiences.  Why?  Because each one of them is different and has something to teach you.  Remember life is about evolving so don’t be a judger, be a learner!

Here are some suggestions for you:

→  Call a friend who is able to inspire and encourage you to change your thoughts.  Don’t call just to download your problem and relive it over the phone.  Ask for suggestions.

→  Love yourself enough to take good care of yourself.  Go outside in nature.  Exercise the way you want – indoors or outdoors.  Start slowly – 5-15 minutes each day.  Increase as you go but not too much so you become discouraged and don’t want to do it at all.  The important thing is to do it consistently each and every day.  Prepare tasty healthy meals for yourself.  Of course, before starting any exercise and diet programs, always check with your physician.

→  If the above is too much for you to handle at the moment, listen to inspiring music or a podcast, watch a motivational movie or Ted Talks, look at a magazine, read a good book – ok, this is where I’ll plug my easy-to-read inspiring e-booklets. 

Asking yourself the following questions gets you going on the right path:

Knowing the kind of life I presently have, what would I like instead?

→ Knowing how I feel at this very moment, what would I like to feel instead? 

→ What would I like to change in my life?  

→ What do I need to let go of in my life?  

→ What do I want to welcome in my life – bring into my life?

Asking for help is a strength not a weakness…

Our guidance is required to first define what ‘being happy’ means to you. In other words, what you really aspire to achieve in order to live a fulfilling and happy life.  As human beings, we sometimes confuse goals along the process with realizing our actual aspirations/dreams in life which ultimately is to be happy. 

We hold fun and life changing events where we show people how to reconnect with their values in life – what makes them feel respected, appreciated, loved and understood.  Check out our booklets and find out more about how our process helps people achieve their goals and realize our dreams in life.

Don’t do it alone.

Let us help you make the changes you want to make in life.

It starts with you investing in yourself. 

Click on the image below and let’s get you started.

Get inspired! 
Don’t wait until tomorrow, start today. You deserve it. 


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