Create a quite time for being by yourself and expressing gratitude for all that you are and all that you have. Make a conscious decision to sit peacefully, quiet your mind in order for you to listen and focus on the direction of your heart. Be open to your heart’s meanderings as they will quietly lead you to make important decisions concerning your soul’s goals. Just simply pause and notice what your soul is saying. Here are suggestions on how to quiet your mind and focus on your heart’s voice are:

  • meditate by a candle, by a water feature
  • listen to calming music
  • take a soothing bath
  • go for a walk in the woods, a swim, bike ride, hiking, skiing, etc.
  • play with your pet
  • read inspirational quotes, stories
  • go to a spa, get a massage, go for a drive out of town, etc.
  • write in a journal – finish with a positive thought – gratitude (morning or evening)
  • stay within positive energy as much as possible throughout the day
  • try not to get involved in negative energy (yours or others or society’s) – if or when you feel yourself being pulled into such energy,
    • choose to end the conversation and walk away rather than setting yourself up for experiencing resistance
    • choose to simply notice your inner chatter by listening to your heart’s voice
    • ask yourself what is the emotion you are feeling and why you believe you are experiencing it


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