The wonderful story that is YOU.

As children… our rhythms come directly from our heart and soul. We intend our passions and create them in our physical world. Each rhythm is identical – none is greater than the other as our intention is always on just being our ‘self’ – our soul.  As we grow from a child into adulthood, we must experience change in order to evolve as a human being. Changes/experiences in life reveal our soul’s purpose through our passions in our lives. Many refer to our purpose as our special gift that we need to share with others as we need their purpose – their special gift to evolve ourselves. 

As we grow into adulthood, our rhythms change throughout our life depending on where we place our intention and our life cycle might start looking like this – mostly living from our thinking and doing rhythms.

This takes place when we engage in different experiences as we strive to create happiness for ourselves. In order to bring in new experiences in our lives, we must welcome change as a necessity to fully evolve as a human being. Unfortunately, this is where we might come to red lights at intersections in our lives, offering us options to go forward in different directions based on personal and financial responsibilities. This is when we need to make choices that coincide with our purpose, our passions in life. The results have us stay on path with creating our life story, our dreams, and has us living from a victor’s perspective.

Should we choose not to follow our passions, realize our purpose, we break away from our personal life path. Doing so could result in living from a victim’s perspective. Please note that failure to make a choice, any lack of decision could also result in living from a victim’s perspective.

It is important to realize that only when we reconnect with our soul’s purpose in life, can authentic happiness be achieved. This is not to say, we cannot create happiness otherwise because we can but most likely, it will need to be renewed continuously.

It is also very important to realize that as easy as it is to break away from our personal life path, it is as easy to get back on our personal path by re-adjusting our thinking and doing.  This is done by listening to your heart and soul. Choosing to place our intention on our purpose, our passions, followed by directing our brain to listen to our heart (our soul’s mind), and then taking action with our physical body gets you back on the right path – yours! This might require a little bit of inspiration so don’t hesitate to elicit help.

Get going on creating your life story and feel what it’s like to be authentically happy. 


Get inspired!
Don’t wait until tomorrow, start right now!

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