Working from the end-result of any goal triggers your mind into thinking

your goal is already achieved in the future.  


Here’s why?  Read on… 


The first step is to build a story backwards from the end to the start. You’re actually creating a structure with a process that has celebratory milestones along the way to keep you on your game and focused on your end-goal. As human beings, we all know how much we like celebrating our achievements – doesn’t matter how big or small so long as we tell ourselves: good job! you did it! congrats! you rock! you’re awesome! You get what I’m saying. Building your storyline actually creates a visual in your mind signalling it exists, and also tells your mind it’s a gain, a success in the present time. As joyful emotions surface within you, it motivates you and propels you toward your end-goal effortlessly.


The second step in the process is to ensure that your goal coincides with the emotions, values, beliefs, and needs, that you want to welcome in your life to create your ideal type of lifestyle. Are you still with me? It sounds difficult but it’s not. Ok, let’s move on. So, working backwards from your end-goal, you’ll actually be creating a structure that allows you to set small achievable steps towards your end-result goal. You incorporate milestones within these steps for you to celebrate achieving ‘sub-goals’ along the process. Proceeding this way means you will become focused on taking the daily actions you need to reach your end-goal thereby keeping you in ‘flow’ of succeeding towards your end-goal. Have a look at this exercise below, end-result goal setting exercise, as it will help you create your structure – build your storyline. 


It’s like brushing your teeth, combing your hair – it becomes a learned behaviour. Your job is to stay focus on what you need to achieve. When you feel like you’re being challenged or feel like your defences are down, stop and let your mind meander back to why you made the decision to… realize a dream of yours, reach a certain goal, etc., in the first place. Consistently reminding yourself and staying on your game will have you create a new habitual pattern from your new behaviour. If you need help with the process, I would be honoured to coach you through it.


So remember to stay connected to your story, your structure! Most importantly, have fun with the process.


Emotions & Needs End-result Goal-setting:  


Here are some basic questions you can ask yourself and see what your answers reveal.


Knowing what you have, what would you like to have instead?

Knowing how you feel, how would you like to feel instead?

What would your life look like if you committed to achieving your goal or realizing your dream this year?

Would this mean a new beginning for you?

Would this invite happiness into your life?


To help you identify your emotions, needs and values, please do not hesitate to follow the links.  

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Once you have completed the above, together we will create a plan of action for each goal on a monthly, weekly and daily basis and have you living from your highest self, wholeheartedly, purposefully and passionately.


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