Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zone and soar. All right?
-Michelle Obama

Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats is  happy to introduce
a new service.

are personalized designed discussions on topics of your choice delivered in the privacy of your home for groups of friends and family members.

CAFÉs-on-demand can be adapted for businesses interested in self-leadership discussions.

Duration?  3 hours

When?  Monday through Saturday 
– choice of:  morning, afternoon or evening


Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats™ is  happy to introduce a new service.

CAFÉs-on-demand are personalized designed discussions around the topic of your choice – view list of topics below), delivered in the privacy of your home for groups of friends, family members, co-workers and business associates, etc.  

Our CAFÉs  are fun and inspiring moments that help people modify and establish new behaviours to create what is unlived in their lives. 

Our CAFÉs help people establish relationships by setting resilient boundaries based on love, compassion and respect. 

Our CAFÉs help people accept change and welcome forgiveness by embracing connectedness and choices in their lives.

Our CAFÉs help people redefine perceptions of how they view past and present events and situations in their lives based on their personal values instead of learned or adopted beliefs.  This helps people build confidence, develop courage and trust to view such events and situations as opportunities – not obstacles in life.

Our CAFÉs help people get unstuck in life by encouraging forward momentum in their lives.  Assisting them in letting go of experiences and feelings that generate resistance and hold them back from achieving their goals and realizing their aspirations in life.  Experiences that are outlived around feelings such as fears, guilt, anger, shame, anxiety, stress, sadness, and grief that forged negative behaviours based on reactive language.  These can be modified or eliminated by engaging in proactive language that motivates positive behaviours.

Taking charge of our life is a must… and so is having fun while doing it! You and your guests receive our Heart & Soul Self-leadership Life Coaching Kit™ to inspire you to create a meaningful and rewarding life. Our kits include our Choice Life Approach™ model  and strategy, as well as our signature S.O.U.L. practice™.  Kits also include a few extras!

What we bring to the discussion is our expertise on self-leadership. We come prepared with suggestions, interesting coaching tools, techniques and fun exercises that may have you explore each and every moment in life and chase them all the way to your dreams. There’s music, dancing (your choice) and we take you on A walk with a goddess visualization exercise. If time permits – goddess card readings by a special guest. Our tools and techniques continue to inspire individuals long after the CAFÉs are over.

Contact us for more information at 613-739-0009.

Group participant:  minimum  –  10 people  /  maximum  –  30 people

Costs: $30 per person