This unpretentious little e-booklet was written as a simple guide to help you move forward in life just by taking the smallest and simplest step in any direction. It’s about motivating you to come to the realization that only you can create and accomplish what you need and wish for in life.

This e-booklet is about you recognizing that experiencing ‘stuckness’ in life is about pausing – taking a moment in time, in your life to learn more about how to nurture yourself, evolve as a person and most importantly, believe in who you are and in the gift you are meant to share with others. Being stuck in life is not about simply existing or giving up on life. It’s about you doing more than THINKING or TALKING about what you want for yourself in life, it’s about stepping up and DOING it!

My sincere hope is that this guide will help you simplify your life by following a strategy which I created because of my own need to get unstuck in life. It’s my Choice Life Approach™ which helped me understand that experiencing being stuck in life does not give you the right to become a victim of your own fears and circumstances. It’s about taking time to get clear on who you are as a person, then welcoming and choosing to commit to your well being. With your commitment, my Choice Life Approach™ (image and strategy provided as part of e-booklet) will help you get back in charge of your life by aligning your doing (your actions/reactions) and your thinking (your positive/negative self-thoughts) with your being (your internal awareness, your purpose) through your feeling (your passions, your dreams and goals in life).

When you are unable to make a decision, take any kind of action or let go of someone or something that no longer brings you happiness or serves your purpose in life, this is the time to give this little booklet a read and start doing something. It works!  How do I know?  I lived it!

I chose to make a commitment and welcome change as a necessity to move forward in life, and turn my dreams into reality. I took a chance on the road less travelled without being afraid of the outcome. You can too! I can’t speak for your journey through life but I will share this… we are all works of art being created by our own thoughts and experiences in life. My journey asked very little of me. It wanted me to have trust in myself, my strength and abilities as a person, and to continue taking many firsts steps on a daily basis in life. If you think about it, this is what we’ve been doing since the day we were born!

Give it a try! You can apply my Choice Life Approach™ to all areas of your life – either personal or professional.

It works for me on a daily basis. I sincerely hope it will for you too!

With heart and soul,


Areas in your life this e-booklet may help you with…

Gain clarity and calmness as you:

  • become more self-aware of your thoughts and secure about sharing your talents, your personal gift(s) that you have to share with the world;
  • become more peaceful, less anxious, less fearful about following your own path in life;
  • enjoy the present moment as you stop overthinking and overplanning;
  • cultivate optimism from living from a positive vs negative perspective.

Make authentic choices that coincide with your lifestyle as you:

  • become proactive instead of reactive to situations or circumstances;
  • set resilient boundaries around your values and beliefs;
  • create new healthy patterns and turn them into habits that have you enjoy life to the fullest;
  • face fears, challenges and obstacles in your life straightforwardly;
  • take back control of your time through scheduling and prioritizing tasks and events.

Commit to your happiness as you…

  • let go of fears and regrets that no longer serve you;
  • learn to welcome changes as a necessity to grow as a person;
  • let go of what is outlived and welcome what is unlived in your life;
  • taking incremental steps and actions on a daily basis to achieve your goals and realize your dreams ;
  • change the way you look at yourself, your situation, and your circumstances;
  • make the internal changes you want to make for yourself in life (build self-confidence, lose weight, develop and foster loving relationships, find the courage to change careers/jobs, etc.);
  • make the external changes you want to create in life (build and design your material world – (purchase a house/condo, car, watercraft, chalet, initiate and give rise to travel plans, establish financial stability, etc.);
  • ultimately do things that you enjoy and that motivate you in becoming even more the person who you know yourself to be.

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