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How’s it going?  Good… great… could be better.  Listen-up… if you’re looking to place a smile in your heart… our e-newsletter should do the trick.  

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Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats is a place where people of all ages and gender come to develop the courage and life-changing skills needed to reconnect with
what makes them feel and be happy in life.  Why?  Because happiness still is what
we most need to nurture and practice daily.  

Here’s what you can expect to find inside…

As with all of our life tools, suggestions and strategies, we talk a lot about… like I mean lots and lots about self-care and self-leadership within our e-newsletter!  Why?  Because they’re two abilities that help us create what we need to feel and be happy through life.  So, it’s basically about how to develop key self-leadership qualities that have us feel loved, worthy, and self-reliant.  You know like… self-esteem, self-respect, self-trust, self-confidence, self-motivation and self-determination.  We simply believe in inspiring you to be brave enough to become the person you’ve always known in your heart and soul to be.  Courageous enough to create meaningful moments and rewarding experiences that become a life filled with love, joy, wonder,
and laughter… lots of it, like I mean lots and lots — okay, you get it!  



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