At Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats, we partner with you to help you

design a rewarding life for yourself.

We simply help you reconnect with your values, beliefs, passions and ultimately,

your happiness and purpose in life.  

We provide a confidential and safe environment to help you find the courage to create new healthy and resilient behavioural and habitual patterns  that will serve you better in your personal and professional life. Our process enables you to develop strategies building the confidence required for living your life wholeheartedly – one filled with happiness, purpose and passion. The results are that you find yourselves supported and motivated, and act with commitment and determination in reaching your goals and realizing your dreams.

Join me, Christine Beauregard-Zvalo, professional motivational life coach, for a coaching session. In just a short time, you will recognize challenges that impede you from advancement in life and break through obstacles that previously got in your way. 

Re-establish what is important to you in your life.

Are you looking for support in making changes in your personal life or professional life?

  • finding the courage and developing confidence in rebuilding your life after major changes have occurred in your life
  • feeling stuck in life and wanting to move forward to creating happiness for yourself
  • learning how to lose, manage and be in control of your weight
  • establishing an authentic relationship
  • reducing anxiety by scheduling quality quiet time for yourself on your schedule
  • wanting to stop feeling guilty all the time
  • establishing life/work balance
  • developing leadership, problem-solving, interpersonal and communication skills
  • developing organizational and time management skills
  • establishing or re-establishing authentic and respectful relationships with your family members or special someone in your life

or simply needing clarity in one of the above-mentioned areas of your life?  Perhaps you are just looking for a sounding board in a safe and confidential environment to discuss personal or professional ideas or challenges. Partner with me, and discover a simple yet lasting life strategy, our Choice Life Approach. You will  learn to realign your perception of the fears that stop you from living the life you want to live. Together, I’ll help you discover the infinite possibilities of living with your heart and soul – with purpose and passions by exploring:

  • who you are beyond the roles you have taken on in life;
  • what is outlived and unlived in your life;
  • and most importantly, what brings you happiness.

What will Heart & Soul coaching do for you?

  • Get you motivated to follow your passions in life and ultimately live your purpose.
  • Stop victimhood to unhealthy behavioural and habitual patterns and create new healthy and resilient patterns that will serve you better in life.
  • Get you enthusiastic and creative about accomplishing your personal and professional projects in your life.
  • Help you understand your own map of reality (are you visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or cerebral?).
  • Get you to open your own perceptual closed doors and discover new adventures by realigning your thinking around your core emotions, values and needs.
  • Modify learned behaviours by learning to make authentic choices that will complement your life.
  • Help you reach your goals and realize your dreams in life.

What this means for you is that you will be able to…

  • create more time for yourself and reconnect with what really matters in your life such as meeting new friends, finding a life partner, travelling and exploring the worldput fun back into your life and stop being a “slave” to your work
  • reduce anxiety and stress by eliminating guilt for what is out of your control
  • make authentic choices that coincide with your soul’s purpose and passions
  • welcome and accept changes as experiences in life meant for all of us to evolve
  • create resilient boundaries remain in control of your schedule while managing family, friends and holidays’ requests
  • establish a healthy life balance 
  • feel healthy and alive by eating well and getting fit in your own time and way – kind of like a personal makeover

Let’s get started!