Check out our Heart & Soul Inspiration-in-a-box Life Coaching Kit™.

Our kit serves as a map to help you create meaningful and rewarding experiences towards living a fulfilled and happy life.   

Once in a while, we all need a little assistance in life to inspire us to believe in our self-leadership ability.  Our ability to consciously influence our own thoughts and behaviours to help us achieve our goals and actualize our dreams.   

The content of our kit will help you reconnect with what brings you happiness in life.  It will engage your mind to imagine endless possibilities and help you turn these into opportunities.  As you read through the documentation in our kit, you will learn how to develop key qualities of your self-leadership ability by showing you how important it is to make authentic choices and establish resilient boundaries that are aligned with your values. 

Our kit will also help you welcome the process of change in life by gently guiding you to take small steps towards modifying or creating new behaviours.  The content of our kit will help you embrace what is unlived in your life, and let go of what is outlived – what no longer serves you.

The kit contains the following tools to guide you along your journey:

⇒  our Choice Life Approach Model™
⇒  our Choice Life Approach Strategy™
⇒  our S.O.U.L. Process™
life coaching tool: focusing on the journey not the end-result 
⇒  a writing journal
free attendance as host (value of $30 CAD) should you decide to host a Café-on-demand at your home where we explore other self-leadership tools and a visualization exercise
⇒  a keepsake to keep you focus on your goals and dreams

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Heart & Soul Inspiration-in-a-box Life Coaching Kit



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