WELCOME to the first step in realizing your dreams and achieving your goals!


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In order to establish the kind of life you want to live, you must first listen to your heart’s whispers – your soul’s voice. Once you’ve quieted your mind and are able to hear the beautiful messages from your heart, think of the emotions that you want to welcome into your life. As you think of these, notice how they nurture your values, needs and beliefs. Subsequently, notice how your values, needs and beliefs are reflected in your behaviours and your habitual patterns (habits). In the next step, Key to your purpose and passions, I will ask you to pair your emotions, needs, and values with your life’s goals. This process will create a passport to your soul’s journey in life. 

Alan Alda wrote: You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.


Here are three key guideposts to help you hear and understand your heart’s whispers:  


Start by understanding:

      • the difference between the voice that comes from your heart, your soul, and the one that comes from knowledge and experiences (read more…)
      • the difference between fears and the need to feel loved and safe (read more…)
      • that change is necessary for you to experience life and grow as a human being – in fact, it has been part of your life since you were born so you may enjoy the cycles and the rhythms of life (read more…)

Then simplify your life by setting yourself up for success each and every day by:

      • creating a sacred time for being by yourself sitting peacefully, quieting your mind in order for you to simply notice your inner chatter, and choosing to focus on the space between the chatter as this is where you will hear your heart’s, your soul’s voice’s (read more…)
      • having a good nutrition on a daily basis – you know what works for you, if you don’t, please consult with a nutritionist 
      • doing physical exercise on a daily basis – you know what works for you, if you don’t, please consult with your physician, trainer

Last but not least, make a conscious decision to stay within positive energy as much as possible throughout the day by:

      • spending some time in nature, walk, bike, run, swim, ski, etc. on a daily basis – whatever you feel is appropriate for you 
      • reading motivational stories / quotes 
      • listening to motivational music
      • speaking with like-minded individuals, etc.




Adopting the above suggestions and doing them on a daily basis will have you create new resilient boundaries and healthy behaviours.


With consistency and time, these will become healthy and resilient keystone patterns/habits.  With courage and confidence these will serve you better in life.


One of my favourite authors, Robin Sharma has many quotes that are simple and yet very authentic, such as:  Inspiration without execution is delusion.

Now continue onto the next step:  KEY TO YOUR PURPOSE & PASSIONS and I’ll help you set goals for yourself, and achieve them by following a simple goal setting process that starts from an end-result goal setting exercise.





Help and support signpost



Need to talk it out?  


Don’t let fear get in your way of asking for help.  


Accept assistance as it is offered to you and refer to support mechanisms.