WELCOME to the second step in realizing your dreams and achieving your goals!


journey to your soul 2


The secret to living a life from purpose and filled with passion is quite simple. It doesn’t come from struggle or strife. Rather, it comes from a clear and focused mind that’s unchallenged by indecisiveness. -Dr. Doreen Virtue Ph.D.


First, live a life filled with goals that come from your soul’s purpose.  Second, welcome passion within each goal. Third, watch as what brings you happiness creates simple magic: a life filled with joy. 


Once you sit quietly and listen to your heart – your soul’s voice and hear the messages it is telling you on how to welcome joy, happiness in your life, your next step is to acknowledge you have your own very special gift – an individual purpose. What happens next is you want to live a life, earn a living that is in harmony with your soul’s purpose and that lets you share your gift with others. Sharing your gift will ignite your passions in life which consequently will light the path to your purpose. Living from your purpose requires you to take a risk and put all of your heart’s true desire in it.




You’ll need to create a structure in your life where you will set achievable steps to measure your progress in realizing your dreams, reaching your goals. You’ll need to focus, be bold and unleash your adventurous side. It does not matter if you are introverted or extroverted, trust that your soul will respond accordingly. You’ll need to believe in yourself, your strength, and not back down at the first challenge or obstacle that crosses your path. As strange as this may sound, you’ll need to love yourself enough to set resilient boundaries in order to be able to say no to others’ demands on your time and energy. If people honestly respect and care for you, they will respect and appreciate your time. Remember, life is about experiences, balance and exchanges. Without knowing, you’ll be providing them with a unique service that can only come from you – your heart. 


It isn’t always easy to do so as we all have responsibilities – family, friends, social, financial, environmental, etc. Know that you were given this gift for a purpose – to share it and help others with it. Trust that once you make up your mind to do so and focus on your purpose – your raison d’être, life will place people and tools you’ll need on your path. What is important to remember is to not forget to ask for help from those around you. We’re all meant to help each other. 


Try this simple Emotion and Needs end-results goal-setting profile and see how this may inspire you to take that leap of faith to follow your dreams, realize your goals and live with purpose, from your soul. (read more…)


Please don’t say that you don’t have the time to invest in yourself, if not you, who will?  Make the time – you are definitely worth it!


Enjoy the process and don’t hesitate to let me know how it’s going.  To your success! To your happiness! 


Now continue onto the next and final step: KEY TO YOUR SOUL’S JOURNEY and live the life you want to live!


Help and support signpost


Need to talk it out?  

Don’t let fear get in your way of asking for help.  

Accept assistance as it is offered to you and refer to support mechanisms.