WELCOME to the third and last step in realizing your dreams and achieving your goals!



Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and live it with your whole heart and soul. 
By breathing life back into your passions, you ignite emotions and feelings that are true to your values and authentic beliefs! I invite you to read the lyrics and listen to the song I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack. Well worth a listen and as she wrote:  When you get a chance to sit it out or dance… I hope you dance!

Surrender to what is.  Let go of what was.  Have faith in what will be.  – Sonia Ricotti



Letting go of what no longer serves you in life actually creates more space for what brings you happiness. 
Letting go, making space for the new is so important as the journey of life itself will always be a renewing and unfinished one.

Forgiving yourself and others for being imperfect perfection meant for you to experience life to the fullest and learn from each other’s gifts. Letting go of differences as holding on to them creates such negativity and welcomes fears and victimhood. I sincerely don’t believe we’re meant to go through life as victims, surrounded by fears.

I believe we all have great strengths, great gifts to share with one another and are meant to help each other through life experiences. If you find it difficult to forgive yourself or someone, ask yourself why you’re holding on to feelings and memories that impede your soul from feeling light and getting its much deserved love and positive nourishment. 

Living wholeheartedly…

Brené Brown wrote:
 How much we know and understand ourselves is critically important, but there is something that is even more essential to living a wholehearted life: loving ourselves. -Knowledge is important, but only if we’re being kind and gentle with ourselves as we work to discover who we are. Wholeheartedness is as much about embracing our tenderness and vulnerability as it is about develping knowledge and claiming power. – People may call what happens at midlife ‘a crisis’, but it’s not. It’s an unraveling – a time when you feel a desperate pull to live the life you want to live, not the one you’re ‘supposed’ to live. The unraveling is a time when you are challenged by the universe to let go of who you think you are supposed to be and to embrace who you are. 


Try seeing life as a journey of beautiful rhythms and cycles just like the rest of this amazing universe we live in. Think of the butterfly’s transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. It is patient and undergoes a lot of changes from its birth to earning its wings. Why should we be any different? We’re part of that cycle – let’s honour these rhythms which we are part of and which are within us. Another of my favourite authors, Joan Anderson wrote: I am as unfinished as the shoreline along the beach, meant to transcend myself again and again. I couldn’t agree more. Once we are self-aware and we see what we do in life as a vocation, not an occupation, our whole outlook changes. Our thoughts change thereby affecting our behaviours to change. We start acting from a place of love, oneness with our environment. 


Nourishing your soul…

It takes courage to make changes and face our fears knowing it will completely take us out of our comfort zone but trust that it will also fuel those passions within you that will light the path of your soul’s journey. 
We’ve been taught to numb our fears with drugs and alcohol, as well as other dependencies and addictions. 

Useful questions to ask yourself:


By nourishing your soul through building self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence, you’ll be able to find answers to simple yet tough questions such as…

  • Why am I feeling this way?
  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want this?
  • Why is it important to me?
  • What are my beliefs around it?
  • Knowing what I have, what do I want instead?
  • Knowing how I feel, how do I want to feel instead?

The best way to experience life… see it as an ever-changing story and stay focused on what creates authentic joy within you. Welcome the 7 Key Pillars of Influence in Life – the 7 “Cs”: Calmness, Changes, Choices, Courage, Confidence, Consistency and Commitment. Remember to take action from the deepest place in your heart on a daily basis. Start with the Emotions & Needs End-result Goal-setting Profile and work your way back thereby signalling your brain that the specific goal is achieved in the present moment. Enjoy the process and please remember to share your own very special gift with the rest of the world. 

Help and support signpost

Need to talk it out?  

Don’t let fear get in your way of asking for help.  

Accept assistance as it is offered to you and refer to support mechanisms.