Key self-leadership qualities:

is how you feel about yourself, it’s having an overall mindset about how you feel about who you are as an individual – your abilities and your limitations.  It is an overall opinion of yourself, and your attitude, outlook on life in general – either positive (healthy self-esteem – deserving of love, respect, etc) or negative (low self-esteem – undervalued, not good enough, etc). 

is a feeling of pride for what you achieve in life because you act with honour and dignity towards yourself and others in life.

is trusting your own personal judgement to accomplish your goals and realize your aspirations – what you plan to achieve in life.

 is your trust in your abilities and efforts as a person to be able to accomplish your goals and realize your aspirations for yourself in life.

Self-motivation is your ability and enthusiasm to do what needs to get done without any influence from others, even when challenged.

is your ability to make decisions based on your own choices and interests in life, and being able to be follow through with setting goals for yourself and achieving them.

For example you can choose to tell your emotional brain not to feel fearful, insecure, doubtful, or anxious by telling it it’s more than okay to feel vulnerable.  Everyone does for the different reasons at different times in life.  Vulnerability elicits uncomfortable and fearful feelings that have emotional and physical responses within you letting you know you’re not responding with your usual behaviour – you’re placing yourself outside of your usual boundaries of feeling safe and secure.  You’re transitioning from being who you were to becoming who you want to be.  You’re transitioning from feeling how you felt, to feeling the way you want to feel.  You’re simply changing a pattern in your emotional brain that no longer serves you. 

Don’t let this make you feel uncomfortable or scare you.  Go with it… be present in the moment and choose to focus on the end-result of your situation, achieving your level of satisfaction and happiness – not someone else’s.  Start telling your physical brain a different story than what it is telling you based on experiences it has recorded from your past behaviours.  Choose to focus your thoughts on feelings of recognition such as courage, pride, respect, joy, love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratefulness.  Proceeding this way lets your physical brain know that you are in control of your thoughts. 

This is what you can experience and achieve by skillfully developing key qualities of your self-leadership ability – your ability to consciously influence your thoughts and behaviours.

Remember, asking for help is a strength not a weakness…

Our guidance is required to first define what ‘being happy’ means to you. In other words, what you really aspire to achieve in order to live a fulfilling and happy life.  As human beings, we sometimes confuse goals along the process with realizing our actual aspirations/dreams in life which ultimately is to be happy. 

Don’t do it alone.

Let us help you make the changes you want to make in life. 

It starts with you investing in yourself. 



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