This presentation is about nurturing all three facets of our self-care ability → our self-love, self-worth and self-reliance.  It’s about being the person you know in your heart and soul to be.  It invites you to imagine infinite possibilities and turning them into opportunities in life.  It’s about welcoming change as a constant in life in order to grow, evolve as a person. We all seem to forget that change is the vehicle that enables us to achieve our goals and actualize our aspirations in life. Through change, we learn to let go of what no longer serves us and welcome new experiences from which to continue building our life story.  If you’re feeling stuck in life… you need to hear this and get recharged about life!  
It’s fun, exciting and heartwarming.  Doesn’t matter where you’re at in life… it’s guaranteed to let your soul and passions shine.  

We address the following:
→  Your individuality: who are you besides all the roles that you play in life?
Exploring what is outlived and unlived in your life: letting go of the old so the new can enter
→  Letting go of what is outlived – what no longer serves you
Welcoming what is unlived – new experiences 
→  What brings on resistance to change 
→  Problem: is your focus on the problem or the solution?
→  Releasing guilt and fears
→  Forgiving ourselves and others
→  Trusting your inner wisdom: developing the confidence & courage to get unstuck in life
Living passionately and purposefully by respecting your values, setting resilient boundaries and creating healthy behaviours, honouring the cycles of the life and rhythms of your emotions, your body and your energy levels, acknowledging how you perceive life based on your inner map of reality – your values, beliefs, needs, and fears. 

Adopting the Choice Life Approach™ as a life tool has us check in with our happiness, get clarity about what we value in life, reminds us that we have the freedom to choose, motivates us to live life as a victor, not a victim, and enables us to create and share our story through the eyes of a learner not a judger. 

This presentation is geared towards both the private or corporate worlds.  It’s a favourite at motivational events, women events and student events.  Each participant receives a Heart & Soul Choice Life Approach Kit™ to take home.  Duration:  3 hours


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