Self-leadership is our ability to consciously influence our thoughts and behaviours towards achieving our goals and actualizing our aspirations in life.

This presentation is about developing six key self-leadership qualities in order to establish the freedom required to create a meaningful, rewarding and happy personal and professional life.  We address the following qualities:  self-esteem, self-respect, self-trust, self-confidence, self-motivation and self-determination. 

This presentation addresses issues that help individuals align their thinking and doing with their
being and feelings. Simply connecting individuals with what makes them feel and be happy in life, and how to create it for themselves.  Participants learn a great deal about taking charge of their lives.

We address the following:
→  Choices in life: setting clear intentions and ensuring they coincide with our values
→  Feelings vs Emotions: trusting your inner wisdom, it knows you best
→  Values vs Beliefs, and Needs vs Fears:  how they affect our perceptions in life
→  Behavioural patterns: their triggers & rewards – creating healthy behaviours
→  Setting resilient patterns
→  Positive vs negative thinking
→  Proactive vs reactive language 

→  Commitment: your independence is the foundation of your strength and your success.

Adopting the Choice Life Approach™ as a life tool has us check in with our happiness, get clarity about what we value in life, reminds us that we have the freedom to choose, motivates us to live life as a victor, not a victim, and enables us to create and share our story through the eyes of a learner not a judger. 

This presentation is geared towards both the private or corporate worlds.  It’s a favourite at team building events, motivational events and student events.  Each participant receives a Heart & Soul 
Choice Life Approach Kit™ to take home. Duration: 3 hours


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