Yes, I started from the end
and worked my way back to move forward in life.

I didn’t start with the ‘how’ I would accomplish the goals that I needed to reach to realize my dreams.  I also didn’t start with the ‘when’ I was going to reach it because I knew that if I didn’t meet my deadlines, it would make me feel sad, like a failure, unsuccessful and as always,
I would stop trying and quit.  I started with something much more important – my ‘why’. 
‘Why’ do I want to accomplish my goals or realize my dreams. 
I changed my focus onto the end-result itself – my ‘why’. 

The reason behind accomplishing my dreams:  being and feeling happy in life. 
Once you start experiencing the feeling of joy, it really is contagious. 
You start spreading it, sharing it with others, and first thing you know,
you’re helping other people realize their dreams.  

Seeing my dreams realized in my mind first, and then simply letting go of any control over it, changed my thoughts from feeling like a victim to feeling successful.  Why?  Because I knew that each choice I made and action I took was a step taken towards realizing my goals and dreams in life.  It didn’t matter if a step I took was in the wrong direction because I knew there was another step to be taken immediately after that could take me in the direction I would choose.  Instead of focussing on how I was going to get there, I focussed on my end-result → my ‘why’ I want to realize my dreams.  This mentally prepared me for success.  My next step was to start backward goal setting which helped me create a forward momentum roadmap identifying milestones to be achieved to reach each goal.  I suggest you click on the roadmap link and see what this useful tool can do for you.)  

My mindset had completely changed from hoping and waiting for something to happen in the future to one that had me thinking of the choices I needed to make and the actions I needed to take to reach milestones towards each goal on my way to realizing my dreams.  It confirmed that once we ‘build’ our dreams in our mind, we all have the necessary life tools to figure out how to build them into reality. 

Needless to say, the change I made in my way of thinking and doing in life had a ripple effect on many other patterns in my life.  I realized that starting with my ‘why’ had me create healthy and positive behaviours.  You see, the reason is the same for all of us as realizing our dreams have us express our passions in life which make us feel happy.  When we feel happy, we want to share that happiness with others in life.  The bonus in doing so has us evolve in life – live purposefully and wholeheartedly.

Making that simple yet defining choice meant accomplishing goals along my journey became milestones to reach towards realizing my dreams in life.  I realized that I wasn’t suppose to focus on the journey itself because I had complete faith and confidence – a trust and belief so strong that our journeys create themselves and mine would lead me in the right direction if I listened to my heart interpreting my soul’s passions, and consistently made choices and took actions aligned with what I value in life.  Yes, I completely changed my mindset and I can show you how to do the same.

Have a look at some of the goals and dreams I’ve accomplished this far.

Each morning, I purposely start my day by waking up at the crack of dawn and give myself the simple yet rewarding gift of 15 minutes just to sit quietly and reconnect with my dreams in life.  We all know that once our day starts, so does the chatter that goes on in our physical brain reminding us of our responsibilities and daily tasks.  It’s always fascinated me how we all listen to what our physical brain tells us it needs to exist – a healthy lifestyle, and we gladly fulfill its requests.  Yet, when our soul tells us what it needs to exist – being and feeling happy in life, we seem to think its requests is frivolous, trivial.  We ‘try’ our ‘best’ to ‘find’ the time to fulfill its requests.  

How about we make it a priority in our lives to reconnect with our dreams, on a daily basis, when there is absolutely no interruptions.  Trust me, our happiness through life depends on it. 

It’s as simple as sitting quietly and just listening to your internal voice – thoughts that place a smile in your heart.  Feel the joy around your internal thoughts and recreate this joy externally through your passions.  This is how your  beautiful soul communicates what it needs, what you need to feel happy in life.  

My first thoughts focus on how grateful I am for all the goals I have achieved and the dreams I have realized.  Following these thoughts, I start focusing on new possibilities – what else could I do to create more happiness and joy in life for myself and others.  Yes, I start by imagining endless possibilities.  Some are small goals while others might be a little demanding.  It really doesn’t matter because thinking this way, inviting the possibility of change – newness in my life excites me as it did when I was a child.

Imagining is something some of us forget to do as adults.  We continuously imagined as children and yet, as adults with busy schedules and responsibilities, we forget to take a moment and imagine.  Imagination is where dreams are born.  Choices and actions are how and when they get created!   

In fact this simple action reminds me that we all have the necessary life tools within us to self-lead our lives.  Sometimes, all that is needed is that we sharpen our tools.  See what we need to do to reconnect with what brings us happiness in life, what inspires and excites us about life.  Trust me, this simple action can have a ripple effect on other behaviours in our lives.  The challenge is to take the time to quiet the distractions within your physical brain and really listen to what your mind (your inner voice) is telling you.  Trust it to guide you to make choices that align you with what you value in life.  You may just surprise the heck out of yourself!  

Learn more about how we can help you reconnect with how you can create happiness into your daily life. It’s starts with making authentic choices, followed by welcoming change in your behaviours.  Before you know it,  you are taking incremental steps towards accomplishing your goals on your way to realizing your dreams.  Don’t let your physical brain talk you out of it by reminding you of your fears, vulnerabilities and insecurities – just do it!  Choose to do something differently than what you’re used to.  Start with something simple.  

Learn more about our Choice Life Approach™ process and tools.

Don’t do it alone.

Let us help you make the changes you want to make in life. 

It starts with you investing in yourself. 

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