Hey Chris, just a great big thank you. I don’t know what you did but it’s magical. I know you’re going to say you didn’t do anything, it was all me :). I had so many fears, it had seriously taken over my life. I was referred to you through a friend who coached with you and said: you just gotta talk to her. Am I ever glad I did. I honestly feel like someone plugged me into an electrical outlet and energized me. Energy to spare! I use to feel so drained all the time, was even looking it. Now, I’m out there creating my life, not sitting on the side lines waiting for others to create it for me. My sincere appreciation for your help. I have and will continue to recommend you to others. Remember, I know I owe you nothing but if you plan on travelling, please do so through my travel agency as it would be an honour to add a few perks for you as you did for me.  Grateful!

-D. McCallum

My name’s Lorie and I signed up for Christine’s V.I.P. Day. I had some serious issues about letting go of things and relationships that didn’t work out in my life. In fact, I had become quite a negative person and obviously didn’t like myself much. When I signed on for her V.I.P. Day, I actually thought that this would be another thing I would try and get no results. I could not have been more wrong! She’s got these questions that really make you think about what’s important in life… in my life and when she sees that you’re stuck, she introduces these coaching exercises so that you understand the root of your problem and move on. Chris had me experience visualization exercise. To be honest, I’ve always thought these were hairy fairy – not any more! I actually use her ‘creating a sacred time’ practice on a daily basis and what that brings me is organization for my day. She showed me how I had become a victim to my negativity, my unresolved anger. Chris taught me how to set resilient boundaries and protect my emotions, my values and how to respect my needs, myself. At the same time I learned to behave differently with others and respect their needs and emotions. To anyone reading this… if you have something you haven’t been able to deal with yourself in your life, sign up for this! It’s one day out of your life – find the time. Yes, it’s a little pricey but believe me, she’s worth it, what you learn is worth it and really, aren’t you worth it? I know I am.  Sincere thanks Chris. 

-Lorie F.

I just finished Christine’s 3 Keys to Happiness V.I.P. Day and I’m blown over with the amount of information and tools she provided to set me for success in life! I’d been stuck in my personal life for quite some time and had tried different ways for getting out of my slump. Nothing really worked and as a guy, I found it difficult to open up and talk about myself! What was different about Christine, in fact about coaching itself, was she listened, really listened. She didn’t patronize me as I’ve often felt with other professionals, she simply listened, asked a few questions, had me do a few coaching exercises and went straight to the cause of my ‘depression’, my stuckness. She doesn’t provide advice… it’s more like guidance. She had me dig deep down to find the cause and actually find the solution. She showed me how to get where something holds you back and release it. I now have life-long coaching tools that I can use to help myself. Anyway, I just can’t say enough about my day with her and will definitely tell all my friends about her. Chris, thank you! 

-R. Birk

Christine has this amazing ability to not only bring people together, but help them feel empowered despite their obstacles.  As a conflict resolution coach, I was once asked by Christine to do a presentation for her management trainee clients as part of a larger leadership session she had organized for them.  The participants included two men who were visually impaired and I was a bit nervous, unsure of how to make my presentation accessible to all. But Christine’s confidence, warmth and positive attitude put me instantly at ease.  With her help and creative suggestions, the session turned out to be a great success, engaging everyone in the group.  It was clear to me that, because of the one-on-one development she had done with them, the groundwork had already been laid for a candid and lively group discussion.  Christine knew each of their client’s individual talents, challenges, hopes and aspirations.  I think people tend to open up to her, not just because she is skilled at listening and coaching, but because they see that she authentically cares.

Rhea Smyth
Industry Canada

My career as an executive had suddenly stopped progressing.  After pursuing several different leadership courses, I felt like I kept hitting a brick wall.  So I decided to get myself a coach and examine what was holding me back from reaching my goals.  A colleague had coached with Christine and highly recommended her based on her process and openness. As we coached, Christine kept telling that I had all the necessary tools within me to become a great leader – turns out mine just needed fine tuning!  In a very short while she was able to walk me through hidden obstacles that blocked me from progressing in my career.  Turns out some of these obstacles were affecting my personal life as well.  I now have total confidence in my actions and when speaking with employees, my authenticity shines through.  I no longer live in the past – fully present in all of my conversations.  I look forward to any obstacles that may present themselves in my life as intermissions in life to further my learning.  As a result, I got a promotion and this, because I now look at situations differently.  

Sincere thanks Chris and the best to you, Jack W.

I attended a graduation ceremony, organized by Christine, for clients she managed in a leadership program with the Public Service.  Having worked at Parliament Hill, Christine had tapped into her contacts to secure the Parliamentary Restaurant for the event – no small feat!  And what an elegant setting it was for an unforgettable afternoon.  Christine handled every aspect of the event with aplomb.  Acting as both MC and organizer, she did everything from creating the program, including choosing and prepping a fascinating and influential line-up of speakers, to managing the details of the superb meal we were served…  All this, and she still took the time to sit down and talk with each one of us, offering encouragement and good wishes.  As I received my certificate, I reflected on how one person’s efforts can impact so many.  Thank you Christine for making us feel special.

Chantal Lagarde
Human Resources & Skills Development Canada