What if it was true that you make your own reality,

and that your thoughts became the things and events of your life?

What would you do differently in the next five minutes?  

In the next five days?

-Mike Dooley



Understanding and respecting the following key pillars of influence will help you create

time and space for welcoming and deserving happiness in your life.


Clarity & calmness:  

  • calming your mind’s chatter and simply noticing what it is saying to help you gain clarity


Choices & changes:  

  • ensuring that you make choices that are authentic to who you know yourself to be – your soul’s purpose, and to what you enjoy doing in life – your passions
  • welcoming and accepting changes as necessary experiences for your growth as a person


Courage & confidence:  

  • letting go of what no longer serves you – what is outlived, and making space for new experiences – what is unlived in your life
  • based on your values and beliefs, trusting that you know what is best for yourself


Commitment & consistency:  

  • living fully – purposefully and passionately while taking necessary action consistently through life’s cycles and rhythms – successes and obstacles or challenges. 


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