Discovering your inner strengths…
your  courage and welcoming change. 

The benefits of practicing self-care is that it has you discover your inner strengths → courage and welcoming change in your life.  While courage inspires you to live authentically and purposefully, change inspires you to live passionately.  Courage is your ability to do something though it frightens you.  It’s the life tool that energizes you to define, respect and align your values with the choices you make in life.  The life tool that encourages you to create efficient and resilient boundaries to safeguard your values, passions and purpose. 

Change is the life tool that supports you to modify and create new patterns within your thoughts, choices, behaviours and actions.  It’s the life tool that empowers you to let go of aspects of yourself that no longer serve your purpose, to become the person you know in your heart and soul to be.    

When you choose to develop courage and to welcome change in your life, you make a commitment to start believing and investing in yourself.  
The more you believe in yourself, you learn to nurture your self-love, self-worth and self-reliance.  As you practice these life-changing skills, you learn to further develop key qualities of your self-leadership ability that enable you to create meaningful moments and rewarding experiences that can lead to living a fulfilling and happy life.

Both courage and welcoming change in our life asks that we believe in our ‘self’. That we trust and have confidence in the choices, behaviours and actions we take. Self-confidence is a quality we can all develop through practice.  It’s what I like to refer to as ‘external work’.  Self-trust, however, is definitely ‘internal work’.  It comes from within us.  From a deep awareness of knowing we have the wisdom and necessary life tools to accomplish what we want to create in life.

This my friends means that if you want to live the life of your dreams, you’ll need to play the lead character in the story of your life.  You’ll need to be the main influencer for accomplishing each of your goals.  This means you need to trust in your abilities to accomplish anything your mind sets your brain to do.  I believe that we all deserve a life that is meaningful, rewarding and joyful.  

A life that gives and that is not afraid to receive.  Don’t judge future experiences from your past experiences.  Why?  Because each one of them is different and has something to teach you.  Remember life is about evolving so don’t be a judger, be a learner!

The following are suggestions to get you started, a poem and a photo of one of my favourite places to go walking… hope it inspires you as it does me:

→  Lead your life with your heart — commit to nurture all three facets of your self-care:  your self-love, self-worth and self-reliance.   Love yourself enough to take good care of yourself.  Go outside and be in nature.  Prepare tasty healthy meals for yourself.  The important thing is to do it consistently each and every day.  Of course, before starting any exercise and nutritional programs, always check with your physician and nutritionist.

→  Be courageous and free — commit to develop and practice six key qualities of your self-leadership ability to help you achieve your goals.  Call a friend who is able to inspire and encourage you to change your thoughts.  Don’t call just to download your problem and relive it over the phone.  Ask for suggestions.

→  Live with authenticity — commit to establish a resilient life structure based on your individuality to travel through life authentically, passionately and purposefully.  Make happiness your personal project.  Start by asking the following questions and see where it leads you.  If this is too much for you to handle at the moment, listen to inspiring music or a podcast, watch a motivational movie or Ted Talks, look at a magazine, read a good book.  

Knowing the kind of life I presently have, what would I like instead?

→ Knowing how I feel at this very moment, what would I like to feel instead? 

→ What would I like to change in my life?  

→ What do I need to let go of in my life?  

→ What do I want to welcome in my life – bring into my life?

Remember that asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.

It starts with you believing and investing in yourself. 


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