Brief Definition of VALUES & BELIEFS – Example of a list of VALUES



  •  The why is linked to because…
  •  Ties you to your past.
  •  Links to perceptual filters, we act as if it  was true.

  •  The why is linked to importance.
  •   Moves you towards the future.
  •   Links to goals and dreams.

Values are core principles that guide us in so many ways.  They are personal to us and have their genesis invariables such as family influences and upbringing, education, religion, culture and so on.  When someone questions or undermines these fundamental beliefs, conflict often results.  When we ourselves don’t adhere to our values, we may encounter internal conflict.  This is because we struggle with behaviour that is not compatible with our true selves, as we want to be and be seen.

Beliefs are feelings of certainty and there are two kinds of beliefs – empowering and limiting.

Limiting beliefs are feelings that hold us back from creating the results we want in our life.

Empowering beliefs are feelings that support us in moving forward to create the results we want in our life.