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Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats is  happy to introduce
a new service.

What Women Want 
are personalized designed discussions delivered in the privacy of your home for groups of friends and family members. 

It’s like having a girls-night-out but in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

You choose the topic as long as it helps  motivate and inspire women
to create meaningful and rewarding experiences that lead to living a
fulfilling and happy life. 

Duration?  3 hours

When?  Wednesday through Friday    
Saturday mornings

Contact us for more information at

Group participant minimum:  10 people
Group participant maximum:  30 people

Costs:  $30 CAD per person

What Women Want  

Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats™ is  happy to introduce a new service.

What Women Want are personalized designed discussions around the topic of your choice.  Yes, it is like having a girls-night-out but in the  comfort and privacy of your home with people you invite – groups of friends, family members, co-workers and business associates, etc.  

Our What Women Want discussions can be fun and filled with inspiring moments that encourages forward momentum to help women create what is unlived in their lives such as meaningful and rewarding experiences.  And, our discussions can help them let go of what is outlived in their lives – what no longer serves them or their purpose in life.  Experiences and feelings that generate resistance and hold them back from achieving their goals and realizing their aspirations in life.  

Our WWW discussions can help people establish authentic relationships – any type of relationships (romantic, companionships, friendships, familial, parental, kinships, colleagial, and at times, most importantly, self-love.) by providing suggestions on how to make choices based on their values, and how to establish a resilient structure based on healthy boundaries and behaviours.  

Our WWW discus
sions can help people welcome change, forgiveness, and trust which can empower them to deal with experiences around feelings such as fears, guilt, anger, shame, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and grief.  

Taking charge of our life is a must… and so is having fun while doing it! You and your guests receive our Heart & Soul Coaching Toolkit™ to inspire you to live a fulfilling and happy life. 

What we bring to the discussion is our expertise on self-leadership. We come prepared with suggestions, interesting coaching tools, techniques and fun exercises that may have you explore each and every moment in life and chase them all the way to your dreams. There’s music, dancing (your choice) and we take you on A walk with a goddess visualization exercise. If time permits – goddess card readings by a special guest. Our tools and techniques continue to inspire individuals long after our discussions are over.

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