If you really want to inspire your employees to believe in your organization’s vision, have confidence in its mission, and be motivated to create positive and
measurable results… the key is to first be aware of what inspires them, and
second, give them the freedom to share it within your organization. 
They’re already working for you for a reason.  The key to retention is finding
the ‘reason’ why they would stay and invest more of themselves in your company. 
This also tells you how best to invest in them.

Our speaking engagements (in person or online) are based on our Choice Life Approach™ process and structure.  An approach based on nurturing our self-care ability by developing our self-leadership ability.  Your audience will learn an approach that will serve them for life.  An approach that…

→  strengthens integrity, respect, fairness and transparency which inspire engagement, collaboration and teamwork within your organization;  
→  improves interpersonal and communication skills which help develop problem solving skills and adapt to change management;  
→  develops time management skills which welcomes creativity,
innovation, and increased productivity. 

Looking for an engaging speaker? 

Christine is driven by her passion to inspire people to reconnect with what she refers to as their ‘heart and soul’.  

Her approach creates a forward momentum that inspires people to get reacquainted with the power behind accomplishing their goals and actualizing their aspirations in life… the benefits of nurturing three facets of their self-care ability by developing six key qualities of their self-leadership ability.  Her insights and tools help to distinguish the difference between choices that are made based on our own values – principles we live by, and those that come from empowering or limiting beliefs, as well as their impact in our daily life.  She demonstrates how our choices affect our behaviours (life patterns), boundaries, self-talk (proactive or reactive), and the actions we take as well as their affect on the outcome in life.


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Self-leadership is our ability to consciously influence our thoughts and behaviours towards achieving our goals and actualizing our aspirations in life.  Self-leadership is essential for creating meaningful and fulfilling moments and experiences that lead to living a fulfilling and happy life.  

This presentation is about developing six key self-leadership qualities in order to establish the freedom required to create a meaningful, rewarding and happy personal and professional life.  We address the following qualities:  self-esteem, self-respect, self-trust, self-confidence, self-motivation and self-determination.  


Our self-care ability is the practice of taking an active role in nurturing and safeguarding all three facets of our own well-being → self-love, self-worth, and self-reliance.  Self-care is essential in inspiring individuals to become more of the person they know in their heart and soul to be.   It is pivotal in living a fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life.  

This presentation is about nurturing all three facets of our self-care ability → our self-love, self-worth and self-reliance.  It invites individuals to welcome change as a constant in life in order to grow, evolve as a person by creating healthy behaviours and safeguarding them with powerful and effective boundaries that enables us to achieve our goals and actualize our aspirations in life.  



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