The voice of your soul vs the voice of your knowledge and experiences.



When I speak of our soul’s voice, it’s where your most deepest and sincere thought comes from. It’s pure integrity, pure authenticity. It’s an inner voice that comes from your heart, not your brain. Some refer to it as intuition, sub-conscious or as Freud preferred, our unconscious. It’s who YOU are. It’s where your energy resides. It’s where your creativity resides. From it, you can build the life that you want to live. 

soul's voice

How many times has it happen to you when you’re about to do something and you know deep down you shouldn’t. No matter what you call it, you know that it’s the voice of wisdom informing you that it does not agree with your what your voice of knowledge and experiences is telling you to do. Positive emotions mostly come from your soul’s voice. I say mostly because sometimes we react with positive emotions out of habits and then feel drained. When this happens, it’s because you didn’t check in with yourself, your soul’s voice before agreeing to do something. You simply did it because your learned behavioural patterns reacted to a learned situation, a passed experience or a fear, and accessed its recorded response mechanisms. That’s all! Fears come from our voice of knowledge and experiences. We usually create them to protect ourselves (read more about fears…). It is important to realize that the voice of knowledge and experience comes from society – our families, friends, books, music, etc. 

Trust in your soul’s voice. It comes from complete sincerity, integrity, authenticity and wisdom. It should because when you think about it… it’s made from love and respect – YOU, your higher self, your soul.

If you pause and listen quietly when there’s a lot of chatter going on in your mind, and then, simply listen to your soul’s voice and believe in it, you can create the kind of life you want to live. Look into your heart and find the courage and confidence you need to face your challenges and fears. You’ll find an inner strength that will help you past obstacles, and you’ll feel the joy of taking one step followed by another and another bringing closer and closer to your goals, your dreams when you keep taking action consistently. There, you’ll also discover the hope that will keep you believing.



The struggle for any dream is always worth the effort, for in the struggle lies it’s strength and fulfillment.  


If you listen to your heart, you will reach your dream.  – Larry S. Chengges