As the Founder of Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats, Christine inspires people to reconnect with what brings them happiness in life – what fuels their purpose and ignites their passions in life on a daily basis.  She lives by the philosophy that since we can’t buy back time, let’s use the time we have wisely.  “I simply find it a privilege to inspire people to make the changes needed to create their own life story.”  In fact, she says this is what her company is built on. Christine honours each client’s values and beliefs and respects that we all have the necessary life tools to live our very best life. She believes that sometimes, all that is required is a little inspiration to get her clients to believe in their goals and dreams again. “When you are able to help someone bring back meaning to their life, get them to remember what happiness really means to them, that’s when you know deep in your heart and soul that they will make the necessary changes to bring it into their lives, and most likely share it with others.” 


“There’s no magic… it’s about listening – really listening to people’s story and finding out how I can help them reconnect with their kind of happiness in lifeSometimes, people haven’t really had a chance to define what makes them joyful in life.  They’ve been so busy making others happy most of their life.  At times, it’s about helping people heal scars that keep them stuck in life. Other times, it’s helping them let go of what no longer serves them – fears, unhealthy beliefs, destructive behaviours, etc. Sometimes, it’s helping them forgive who/what is holding them back from becoming who they are meant to be. And at other times, it’s about needing guidance on how to find the courage and develop the confidence to open their heart to others – learn to trust and love wholeheartedly.”  

Her self-leadership approach and life tools inspire and support people wanting to take ownership of their lives. She does this by teaching them how to develop their ability to consciously influence their own thoughts and behaviours
to welcome and create what brings them happiness in life. Based on her Choice Life Approach™, Christine has enjoyed witnessing clients create new healthy behaviours which consists of making authentic choices that serves them better in life as well as welcoming change as a constant in life.

Her interest and studies in behaviour management created a movement that became a life long passion. During her extensive career in the public service, she developed further skills (conflict resolution and mediation studies) that resulted in her managing individuals in leadership development programs by helping them maximize their potential for success as future leaders.  Although she received a Deputy Minister’s Commendation Award of Excellence as well as recognition awards for her work and dedication, she recognize that in order to be a great leader in life, one must take ownership of one’s own life – take responsibility for one’s own thoughts and actions in life.  This is when and where her unique self-leadership Choice Life Approach™ was created.  A simple 3-step strategy that inspires individuals to reconnect with their personal happiness in life by developing key qualities of their self-leadership ability. 

She soon realized that helping individuals self-lead their life had become a strong focus in her life.  So, she sought more knowledge, more experience and 
graduated from Erickson International College as a professional self-leadership coach and created her own company – Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats® which helps people change their lives for the better.  Her company simply helps people make the changes they want to make in life in order to create meaningful and rewarding experiences that lead to living a happy life.  In other words, they help people set and accomplish goals that lead to realizing their dreams in life – help them reconnect with their personal happiness in life.  She says her job is to help people discover the right key to unlock the doors to happiness. This explains her choice for her companies logo (a key) and the name of her company, Heart & Soul Coaching and Retreats™. The ‘Retreats‘ part of her company is because of her love to organize events that bring people together to simply connect with one another and learn from each other.

Her friends say that she is someone who lifts your spirits and inspires you to nurture your dreams –  a voice of reason and inspiration.  They say that she believes that everyone is hardwired for happiness.  She adds:  “it’s all about finding the right key to unlock the door where their happiness resides.  That’s all!   So when someone needs to be listened to or share a story, make the time.  Be a difference-maker.  Believe me, you’ll do much more good than you realize.

Along with her husband Peter, they love to travel and enjoy nature and the great outdoors, whether cycling, hiking, camping or skiing. They’ve been fortunate to once share these moments with their beautiful fur girl Champie  who passed in July 2015 (yes, like her husband Peter and Mother Nature, there is a page dedicated specifically to Champie on this website).  No doubt, she lives on in their hearts forever.  Christine ends our interview with a soulful smile, eyes looking downwards, “I’m fortunate to have learned from incredible women and men in life starting with my amazing Mom, but the connection Champie, Peter and I had together… let’s just say, quite astonishing how she taught us how to simply be in nature and feel the joy and gratefulness of each moment.”  


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