Allow me to introduce your mind and soul to your brain.
You could say… they were made for each other.
 They have undeniable chemistry!  

Let’s imagine for a moment that we human beings are more than ‘what meets the eye’.  Since we cannot see the part of us that is within… we can hear its whispers behind our physical voice. Unlike our physical brain system which acquires and patterns information that enables us to function as a human being, we can perceive our inner awareness, its existence as our mind.  An awareness of the person we know in our heart to be.  Unlike our brain which has us experience emotional patterns of happiness, we perceive our soul’s inner wisdom, passions and purpose as feelings of joy.

So, in a nutshell, this means that as sentient beings, we have the ability to perceive and distinguish between thoughts originating from our mind, and those coming from our brain.  Being aware of this could change the way our life unfolds.  As they say… a picture is worth a thousand words!  Blue boxes represent our soul and yellow represent our physical brain system.  Continue to read below…  

The difference between the thoughts coming from our mind and those coming from our brain is that our phenomenal mind’s thoughts inspire us to focus on establishing the freedom we need to feel loved, worthy and self-reliant through life, while our powerful brain’s thoughts motivate us to focus on creating moments and experiences that bring us happiness in life.  
Seems like what we need to do is choose our thoughts’ origin wisely. 

Acknowledging our soul’s wisdom and purpose as it whispers them to our mind, and remaining aware of our brain’s needs and passions, is a good place to start.  Along with the gift of having the freedom to choose comes our responsibility to be aware of their interdependence… the magic they create together that helps us create a fulfilling and rewarding life.  




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