What is self-care…

Self-care is an ability you already possess.  It’s the practice of taking an active role in nurturing and safeguarding all three facets of your own well-being  →  your self-love, self-worth and self-reliance.  These three facets are fundamental principles that embolden you to be the person you know in your heart and soul to be.  Self-care is the key to your freedom as it inspires you to define, respect, express, create and safeguard what makes you feel and be happy through life.  Your level of happiness is based on nurturing and practicing all these three facets on a daily basis.      

What do we mean by ‘nurturing’…

Learning how to nurture your well-being is about developing the courage needed to define, respect, express, create and safeguard what brings you happiness in life — what makes you feel loved, worthy, and self-reliant.  It’s about welcoming change in the way you think so that you can create healthy behaviours that enable you to reach your goals.  As important, it’s about setting efficient and resilient boundaries to safeguard the time and energy needed to establish the freedom (the space) required to pursue and realize what makes you feel and be happy in life… or as I like to refer to it, to travel through life authentically and purposefully as a person. 

I’m often asked, which is more important — creating healthy behaviours or setting efficient and resilient boundaries to protect them?  My answer has always been the same… both are important as they both need to exist simultaneously.  As for which one comes first… I honestly don’t know.  It’s like the old adage — Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  But what I can tell you is that in order for these wonderful new behaviours to become anchored into your daily routine — your responsibilities and activities, you’ll need to consistently hold a mindful space for it to be felt within your heart, and a mental space within your brain system for you to experience and create it  physically.  This space is achieved by safeguarding the time and energy for them.  

So, I’m thinking… boundaries before behaviours.  The egg before the chicken, so to speak.  I’m curious… what do you think?  Should you want to learn, I dive more into this in my e-booklets trilogy or join us for webinar. 

In a nutshell, this means you’ll need to commit to nurturing all three facets of your self-care  —  practice what makes you feel loved, worthy and self-reliant to create the happiness you want in your life.  This is true no matter what goal you’re wanting to achieve or what dream you’re wanting to reach… weight loss, inviting fulfilling and exciting experiences into your life such as creating new relationship/friendship, starting a new career, purchasing the house or car of your dreams, going on a trip of a lifetime, or letting go of what no longer serves you such as self-doubt, fears, insecurities, outlived friendships and relationships, etc.  

What does practicing self-care involve…

Since it’s intuitive and instinctive, it means you’re going to have to not only listen but trust your own inner voice (thoughts coming from your own mind’s awareness) to help guide you.  Not to worry though… we’ll show you how to get started with a simple three-step approach that has you 1) make choices that align with your values;  2) develop the courage needed to explore, express and create your passions and purpose; and 3) trust your own inner knowing (feelings coming from your soul’s wisdom) to help you welcome change in your thoughts, choices, behaviours and actions to inspire and motivate you to travel through life authentically, passionately and purposefully.    

What are the benefits of practicing self-care…

There are many, but the three most important benefits are 1)  nurturing all three facets of your self-care ability emboldens you to be the person you know in your heart and soul to be;  2)  you learn how practicing six key self-leadership qualities will help you develop life-changing skills and behaviours that will serve you for life;  and 3)  you learn how to create healthy, efficient and resilient boundaries that will have you and others respect and safeguard the freedom you need — time, energy and space, to create and live a fulfilling and happy life

What are the disadvantages of not practicing self-care…

We prefer to refer to disadvantages as challenges in life… meant to help us evolve as a human being.  I guess you could say that the two possible ‘disadvantages’ of not practicing self-care could result in  1) travelling through life not knowing what an extraordinary, talented and gifted individual you are, and  2) unintentionally missing out on opportunities to experience love, friendship, connectedness, kindness, appreciation, employment offers, and the list is endless.  

Find out more about each facet of your self-care ability by joining our individual webinars, or purchasing our e-booklets.







How to overcome possible obstacles that could get in your way…

1) Make choices that are based on your values — not your beliefs.  We all know that beliefs can be either empowering or limiting. 

2) Know your triggers when it comes to experiencing resistance to change —
be prepared to let go of what is outlived in your life — what no longer serves your purpose, and yes, this includes relationships/friendships.  Be prepared to welcome what is unlived — new fulfilling relationships/friendships and meaningful moments, as well as rewarding and exciting experiences. 

3) Mitigate letting self-doubt, fears, and insecurities decide your level of happiness and freedom.  You’re responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take… in other words, for the direction of your life.       

Are you ready to find out about the power behind your self-care ability… your self-leadership ability?  Already did?  That’s what practicing self-leadership does… gets you feeling confident, motivated and determined to accomplish each goal on your way to realizing your dreams.  

Here’s how we can help you make these changes in life…

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